Warren found paying female workers less than pay gap

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Elizabeth Warren slams the pay gap, then pays her women workers even less


Peter Laughlin says:

Goofus. She should get 71cent total.

Lerequin De-mort says:

Such an annoying person. That clap for Hillary at the end…jeez.

P.A. Shaver says:

She does not set the pay rates for federal employees. Propaganda=lying

s_xoxo says:

You only show Democrats. Damn. All news outlets now days are completely polarized haha

Trill OwL says:

after 40 you should hang yourself because men dont want you after that and you serve no functioning purpose without cleaning or making dinner

superfisher28 says:

Squaw make heapem less wampum in cheif Warren's​ tribe!

Upperpen Caregiver says:

Fake bull shit.

Get real jobs! Screw your office jobs.

Get your hands dirty oh wait.. that for a man.. but you want to get payed to sit there and watch? huh? real life story happened once when I hired a woman. she got payed 100% of what she was owed. nothing…

ElJefe45acp says:

Their not Indian enough

ElJefe45acp says:

Who gives a shit?

Bruce willis says:

cough hypocrite*cough*

rowdy dowdy says:

that dirty ho ..Lol figures democrat for ya "do as I say not what I do."

4thGradeDropout says:

Perhaps her female workers work less actual hours than her male workers. Or different positions. Or take more personal time. Or don't ask for promotions as often. Or don't have the same educational prerequisites. Not making a dumpster fire here, just pointing out the obvious. A link to an investigation by a reputable third party would be a bonus.

ben kennedy says:

Elizabeth Warren doesn't pay her workers the federal Government does.

Donald J Drumpf says:

this is proving her point. senators dont set wages for federal employees. im sure all the drooling dump sycophants will buy in to this propaganda, they are poorly educated after all.

The One says:

Elizabeth Warren is a circus freak

Dury Martin says:

She probably has illegal immigrants working for her too!

Granny Loca says:

her usual hypocrisy.

Angel Tibbs says:

HRC pays her female staffers less than male staff, too.

Project -iFi- says:

Warren is a fool. she needs cement shoes

joeyno137 says:

it's like the woman are actually getting paid 100% of their wage, but men have higher paying jobs compared to women's jobs.

actually don't know if this is the case for the women working for these politicians.
Just here to spread bullshit.

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