WATCH President Trump FULL Comments on Charlottesville; Signs Veteran’s Affairs Legislation

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President Trump Signs the Veteran’s Affairs Choice and Quality Employment Act of 2017, speaks on Charlottesville situation.


Edie Tucker says:


Dwight Charles says:

The president did a wonderful thg 4 the veterans such a shame this white supremacy thing will obscure his success? 2 badd

Sarah McCarter says:

"White nationalists"? As if being white and/or nationalist is wrong? Do you mean white supremacists? Here's a comment: All people who drop the racist/fascist/bigot word without evidence, stop it; and to all the FEW racists/fascists/bigots, you Margaret Sanger pieces of crap, GO BACK TO THE LEFT WHERE YOU BELONG!

Joleen Galloway says:

I love the way he ignored those reporters People don't understand Trump. It isn't that he is for White
Supremacists, he just doesn't allow the media dictate what he's going to say.

The Jackal says:

General Robert E Lee was a good man and a patriot who served his nation. I didn't like the way people marched , but i really want the statue to stay.

Matt says:

I watched a fair amount of coverage and I'm not sure we can thank the police. They stood down and let the violence ramp up.

jack lock says:

More bullshit

Bonita Jones says:

what is that creepy yellow fringe on our flags?

Muhammad Abbas Abd Al-Hamid Akeem El-Hakeed Ahmad Muktar El-Housseini says:

This was our beer hall putsch. We will be back bigger and stronger. Thank you Charlottesville for PROVING that our ideas harm the system, that they challenge the elite's power and globalist tendencies. Antifa are only foot soldiers of the establishment. Thank you for making us stronger. This is only the start

chuck childers says:

You are what's wrong, shitbird

chuck childers says:

The title of this video should be, "7 idiots wait for a dumber idiot.

Knights Templar says:

These days if a man wants lower taxes by supporting Trump, he's a racist. If he's pro life, he's racist. If he's pro Christianity, he's racist.

Eduardo Nogueira says:

Go Trump! Best president ever! Greetings from Brazil.

Chuckscott says:

Trump proves over and over and over and over and over again what trash he is. I hated him before the elections when he was a "reality star". I hate him even more since he was elected. He's not my president. He's not A president.

zirasayers says:

Glad to finally see a president who calls for unity, unlike obama who only wanted to divide us.

Erwache says:

He didn't denounce us, get wrecked antifa/communists.

numbnuts3020 says:

Starts at 35:25

viewfromeastnwest says:

Were those "reporters" or commentators from the FAKE news c n n, n b c, a b c & n y t / wapo?!
President Trump handled the situation like a TRUE LEADER ^-^
This is MAGA beautiful! MAGA 8 years!

Hank Hill says:

White men will not be shit on any longer.

conservatorcivilus says:

President Trump called for RESPECT for our nation's history. The rally was formed as a protest to the plans to remove yet another statue honoring the Civil War and those who had a prominent role in it, a statue of Robert E. Lee. Call the rally what you want but most of America is getting sick of those who desire to re-wright or obliterate the history of our great country. All the good and bad that has happened has resulted in the most prosperous free nation on the face of the earth, and it all must be preserved for us to learn from and to be respected as our nation continues her struggles toward equal opportunity, liberty, and justice before the law!.

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