Why I’m Against The Daily Stormer Website Being Taken Down

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media and regular citizens alike. Some have been positive, in favor of the victims. Some have been negative, against the perpetrators. Others have been a mix of positive and negative. Then there are opinions that don’t make a lot of sense. One of the confusing opinions was featured on a website entitled “The Daily Stormer” which is a place that posts oftentimes silly articles sympathetic to extreme alt-right and neo nazi people. Rumor has it that the website is fake and controlled opposition that exists for the sole purpose of making the right look bad. Andrew Anglin, the man behind the website, is the subject of countless “exposure” videos on YouTube that attempt to figure out what is actual purpose is.

To get back on track, there was an article on the website about the young woman who died at the rally, 32 year old Heather Heyer. Very insulting things were said about her. A woman by the name of Amy Siskind caught wind of the article. She took a screenshot of the article and sent that in a tweet to The Daily Stormer’s domain registrar, GoDaddy. She asked her 130,000+ subscribers and anyone else to retweet her tweet if they would like for GoDaddy to remove the website. Within 2 hours, GoDaddy responded that The Daily Stormer had 24 hours to move their domain name to another service. Google responded shortly after that and said that The Daily Stormer would not be able to utilize their domain (and probably hosting if available) services either. Their website has effectively been taken down due to one person’s objection to one article.

Many people on social media have been praising the decision. They either think that TDS is fake or that it’s racist cancer. They fail to ask one million dollar question. Where does this leave the rest of us if this precedent has been set? All it took was one person to get a website shut down because one article hurt their feelings. What happens the next time someone’s feelings get hurt due to an article? Is that enough to remove a website? A person’s website has been touted as the last place of refuge. Especially for content creators who may be demonetized or removed from YouTube for controversial videos. Patreon the same way but not quite to the extent of YouTube. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook have also banned people. A website is seen as impenetrable as long as you’re not doing anything illegal. Is that the case any longer?







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Jarl Borg says:

Anthony understands that when the Jews that rule us have removed their biggest threat, the White race, they'll spray the rest of you like bugs.

WhyBeUgly says:

Well it's not really being 'taken down', GoDaddy just probably doesn't want to have that shit on them and as a private company they're allowed to cut them loose. Daily Stormer is still free to find someone else to give them service.

jonathon wallace says:

ive visited the daily stormer every day for four or five years and your the only black guy im subscribed to. i think your a good man

Stone Love says:

A young white woman was killed by a racist white man. What did you expect?

Ben Garrison says:

Anglin is a professional troll. He uses his 'troll army' to defame, harass and libel his targets. I know–he did it to me. His army harassed the owner of the art gallery I was in and I had to leave. He loves to ruin reputations and break rice bowls. Free speech does not include libel and defamation. He always cries crocodile tears and cries 'free speech' when there's push back. He hides behind the skirt of the first Amendment worn by Lady Liberty—and he dirties that skirt. Anglin is a bag filled with scum.

tony cantrell says:

right again sir.

Rikashey says:

The Daily Stormer is much more than talking about white issues, much more. One of their articles said that blacks are genetically inferior and have no sense of time. It was used as source material by RageAfterStorm.

bitterherbs94 says:

If It doesn't come back up then violence is all we will have left. Anglin always discouraged violence, but hey if they should have taken away the second ammendment before they took away the first.

Blaquemajeek says:

Host on the Dark Web maybe ?

Celtic Phoenix says:

This will majorly backfire. censoring freedom of speech shows the left for what they really are, totalitarian communists murderers lurking in the shadows to silence or remove anyone that disagrees with them. Enjoy the revolution jews, we will be coming for you specifically! oh, and your race traitors pets second :3

Celtic Phoenix says:

White Nationalists simply want to be left alone, and to not have to be forced to integrate with other racial groups. it really isn't that big of an issue, the more the jews and their communist lackeys force us to integrate but try to silence us, the more people they create that really ARE Nazis. congratulations Jews, you've outed yourselves yet again, keep it up.

Tammy H says:

Agree 100 percent.

joe333 says:

Right on Anthony, Freedom is for everyone or else it is for no one!

J K says:

Take down daily stormer take down media matters

minitrott01 says:

When I was listening to NPR on the radio, I heard them call it Alt right but I didn't believe them since they call everything that does not agree with them Alt right. Actually surprised to see that it is Alt right!!!

sp1nd0ct0r says:

Really great video Anthony

jonesy says:

What happened sets a dangerously bad precedent.  It's a slippery slop when you start denying citizens their first amendment right.  And btw, the problem wasn't with hosting.  ICANN seized the domain name.  They are responsible for registering domain names.  Remember when Obama turned ICANN over to the UN?  The U.S. doesn't have control anymore.  I don't know if there is anything Anglin can do or what recourse he has.

Prof Papsmear says:

Anti-trust lawsuit being prepared.

I don't have man BOOBS! says:

Daily Stormer is an offensive (yet harmless) niche website. GoDaddy & Google are dirty. Their job is to take $$ & STFU.

I am literally sick people are taking down statues because the statues are rayciss. The youth who took down the monument in Durham appear as though their parents never taught them about being American & to cherish all the sacrifices made to get us the freedoms we enjoy today.

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