Ex-CIA chief: Trump’s words a national disgrace

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In a letter to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, former CIA director John Brennan slammed President Trump’s “dangerous” and “ugly” comments on the deadly violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Ren Hoek says:

Trump won't break.

Christy Carlile says:

Sorry, don't care what Brennan has to say. He sort of shot his credibility with the crap he did while leading the CIA. He's not an honorable man.

Steve Smith says:

Sounds like the CIA is feeling hurt and thus must protect themselves. Like the CIA did in November 1963

H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X says:

When was it ever the CIA's place to meddle in domestic affairs? Oh, yes, the Obama Administration. I almost forgot. Barry still thinks he's President of the United States and John still thinks the CIA belongs to him. It doesn't get any more bizarre than this, kids

Seeing Clearly Media says:

C̲a̲n̲c̲e̲r̲ ̲c̲u̲r̲e̲

faultroy says:

Brennan is a disgusting hypocrite.  I to disavow the White Nationalists , the NEO Nazis and the hate mongers.  But I actually watched the carnage and I completely agree with Trump.

Oh, and Spoiler Alert.  I didn't vote for Trump as I saw Him and Unfit President.  But the one sided coverage of this event has me really worried with these Jackals crawling out of the woodwork  pretending that somehow only these right wingers committed any acts.

And the rest of the nation is seeing it also and they too didn't see the LEFT merely sitting by idly and waiting for the Alt Right to attack them.  They came with sticks, helmets and they were ready for war.  And the police allowed them to engage. Which makes you wonder what the agenda of the police were.

This one sided coverage is outrageous.  And it tells you that the Swamp is a lot deeper than it really is.

Making these nasty self serving comments shows you how hypocritical these news media are. 

It is amazing that the carnage, burning vandalism of the Left is COMPLETELY Disregarded and pretended to be nothing more than "youthful exhuberance," while these Right wingers obtaining permits, and completely complying with the law are treated and criminals.

This lopsided coverage will actually be a wonderful recruiting tool for radicals. And Brennan the disgusting Moron that He is adds fuel to the fire.

Kevin Lambert says:

Half of Fake News CNN`s Anchors are Jews and the other half are Libturds so how could we believe anything they say about President Trump !?

Sam Beri says:

The entire white American heritage is genocide, brutal slavery and brutal theft of land! All Americans are plants from evil seeds and you remain violent and brutal to this very day!

And now America elected a President which represents this heritage perfectly. Few years ago i had hope. Hope that America can change and become something better. But it was just a dream!

William Smith says:

Cnn is fake news and funded by george soros

Abel Jimenez says:

now black are reall mad at trump what the hell is wrong with trump I voted for this guy.

Wake up. says:


Kevin Solberg says:

and this is coming from the cia brennan that killed thousands of Muslim civilians

2lεgiϯܢ says:

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SWERVV 4800 says:

Your father is a Klan klanscestors ,dirty wig English pirates

Sonic The Hedgehog says:

Trump supporters were all on a mission to destroy this country from within by electing a braindead child for president who sympathizes with David Duke and who now sleeps with the nuclear codes. Thanks to "patriotic" Trump supporters, Trump can now now cause nuclear war and civil war while golfing in Mar-A-Lago.

Spanx McGee says:

Oh, look. CNN is milking this for all they can. They're going to turn this into another Russia. In doing so turn everybody against them. They don't know when to stop.

Just The Facts Daily says:

Who here believes we should reinstate special order 15 that Confederate General William Sherman signed giving Blacks 40 acres of farmable land and a mule?



Not Sure says:

Maybe if you people had the comprehension skills necessary to understand the words he spoke you would understand that what he said was perfectly correct and completely logical, propaganda CNN!

Jimmy V says:

The same CIA guy that created the Russia Trump narrative?????

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