How does president Trump respond to hate? – BBC News

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When it comes to responding to hate crimes, President Donald Trump has been criticised for taking his time. Rajini Vaidyanathan analyses the president’s response to recent attacks across the country.
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clickaccept says:


Mrrocknroller uk says:

Fuck the BBC Trump is a legend.

Thomas Paine says:

The real motivation of the Antifa is to create chaos, and foment the race and class struggles that can be exploited to bring about their eventual goal of a communist state to fruition. Whether in the arena of race, environmentalism, fighting poverty, etc., the push is always beyond equal rights under the law into special rights, and to advocate for punitive measures against ideological opponents. With each victory, a new outrage appears.Equality of opportunity is what we seek in a free society, and especially in America, as it is a founding principle and enshrined in the Constitution.Equality of result is not only impossible, but leads to enmity and division in society, which the Marxist agitator uses to usher in socialism.
Remember, the people of Russia supported the Bolsheviks. 50 million people, duped by the idea of equality, died in death camps and gulags. Most people aren’t that educated, and that is why the wise men that founded our country created a Republic.  A Democracy is mob rule, tyranny of the majority. That is why Marx instructed his agitators to first create Democracy, then Implement his “Ten Points”.

The plan is almost complete. Read and fear, or hopefully increase motivation to fight back.

When the Marxist progressives in the US, during the 20’s, eliminated our separation of powers, changing a Republic into a Democracy, they used the same tactics, changing the way we elect Senators, and other offices, subjecting the ship of state to Democracy, or as Lenin called it, “The Road to Socialism”.It empowers the mob. Contrasting to a Republic, which protects the minority from the mob. Especially the smallest minority of all, the individual

Michael Mariner says:

The U.S Government Deep state and military has made it's Homeland the Most hated Country on the Planet.
A result of Decades of none stop wars massacres invasions interventions lies corruption and racial hatred Against innocents.

Paul Duffy says:

BBC propaganda..

Blair Nelson says:

Over 600000 Americans died ridding us of the Confederacy. Over 300000 Americans died stopping the Nazis. These ideas have earned our eternal condemnation.

LokiV says:

God bless PRESIDENT Donald Trump and god bless the American people.

BBC Filth low life scum

Miele Rodriguez says:

This is not analysis. I stand with President Trump. Rajini Vaidyanathan is a BBC propagandist. Do not pay the TV tax and dont pay to be lied too. This video is sickening. President Trump is correct when he rightly blames groups like Antifa. A very violent bunch of anti free speech extremists. Obama spoke out many times before he had the facts and was wrong many times. In fact the race relations of Charlottesville is Obama's legacy.

BEBA Pagan says:


belfasta says:

USA has become a third world country run by barney flinstone

edward jones says:

Did Obama say anything when a black person killed a white person

David Wallace says:

Both sides turned up to a demonstration armed so I think both sides should be condemned. I think the BBC Elites have an agenda against trump.

anthony lovell says:

The BBC is Cultural Marxism. We the people, are going to bring you down.

Destinoation mobileone says:

My blood is boiling. Living in the UK . I see this shit daily. one sided crap! shame on you BBC. Cancerous . Pull your funding close you down… Worst thing i'm paying towards this kind of shit. A tv license that funds the BBC.. And have no choice have to pay it to watch any Tv in the UK. BLOOD BOILING NOW!

AWResistance says:

This is exactly why i don't pay the license fee.

AWResistance says:

This is outrageous! How is this poltically impartial BBC? Why are Left-wingers at the BBC using their position to churn out poltical propaganda?

Eli House says:

What a load of biased nonsense… To think we have to pay for this rubbish…

Bojack Horseman says:

People in the comments flock to their own kind like multi ethnic kids at grade school lunch tables.
Get out of your bubbles and have a conversation with some back and forth followed by some acknowledgment of their arguments.

phil phlanigen says:

I can't believe that a news companies makes me want to kill myself so much, with such retarded

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