Memorial for Heather Heyer, woman killed protesting Charlottesville rally

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Mourners gather to honor the woman killed after a car rammed into a crowd of people who were counter-protesting a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Hilary Fox says:

Burn in hell forever Antifa whore. James Alex Fields Jr is a true American hero. Time to run more Antifa idiots over.

Ten Kun says:

She was innocent and the driver of the car was full of hatred. It was an inhuman act. May god bless her!

01010100 01110010 01110101 01110100 01101000 says:

She thanked president Trump. So why you mad msm?

Mino1777 says:

Rip Heather, i hope you are with the angels. :') Her mother is so strong and even after all of this she doesnt call for hate but want people to speak to each other.

For both sides: Dont send hate to this video or the family and dont use them for your political message, let them grieve in peace.

eddie stanner says:

If the Citizens of the United States and the Civilized World aren't outraged by the Repugnant behavior of Donald Trump and the connection of his closest advisors to the Racist leaning Alt Right, they either aren't paying attention, or Agree with their sickening stance! The Alt. Right is just a politically correct hiding place for Vile Racist groups! If the United States truly is outraged seeing hate groups like the KKK, Neo Nazis or White Supremacists marching down their streets or across theirTV screens, it must start showing that outrage by immediately demanding the firing of representatives of those fowl, vile racist groups that are in the people's Whitehouse at this moment! People like Steve Bannon, Sebastion Gorka, Stephen Miller, all men who verifiably walk in lockstep and follow the beliefs of those hideous racist groups! Demand this Now! Don't stop demanding this! Republican or Democrat, if you truly want this madness to end, Demand it Now! If Republican leaders and rediculous right-wing so called news organizations don't step forward and show their outrage "now" they are just proving their complicity in enabling this dark chapter in American History to raise its ugly head again! , I'm not looking to silence the alt. right of their repugnant opinions! But I am looking to have it removed from the Whitehouse or worse yet, from the oval office! The Media will have to cover this story! The people will see what news organizations really are the real fake news outlets! The people will also see just where Donald Trumps true loyalties lie!

Archer Sterling says:

We should replace the statue of the confederate with a statue of Heather. So we can remember her in the way she should be remembered. As a symbol of standing up against hate. The alt right may have taken her life, but they will never take away what she stood for. Love always conquers hate.

Ryan Struble says:

hope the best for her family and friends. One thing ABC: I'm not sure if these comments are active. but you may want to disable comments entirely for this video. I have faith in humanity, but not internet comment trolls.

Kim Bee says:

She deserved to die. Don't try to assault people for expressing free speech and try to block traffic with your body.

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