Police, hospitals brace for large crowds during eclipse

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Local officials and emergency centers are on high alert for the influx of millions of people expected to view the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse across the 14 states in its path.


Yana S says:

The country bumpkins don't know what to do when city folk come to town?

Yana S says:

The national gaurd really?

Denise Suzanne says:

What is everyone freaking out about? I do not get it?! It's a freaking eclipse! It lasts for 3 minutes! People are so freaking crazy. Relax, everyone. Shoot

MrMJmusicLover says:

People still worship the sky. Man hasn't moved forward at all. I believe in God, but all this sky worship just foolish. It's just a damn shadow people!

yukivlogs says:

So people went to watch it to kill them self?

;-; wow an I thought I was dumb

Barry Guyer says:

I suggest looking at with naked eyes.
Trust on this one.
Nothing bad will happen.

Austin Carrick says:

Will it show up in Oklahoma at all?

Mindy Snyder says:

Well it seems as if this eclipse is really helping the economy!

navyseal hexon says:

What if someone is on an elevator?

Shiels says:

eclipse? what about twilight, newmoon, ahh breaking dawn

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