Scott Peterson on his conviction: ‘I had no idea it was coming’

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Peterson, who was convicted of murdering his wife and their unborn child, breaks his silence in newly released audio in a new A&E series.


nikada vise says:

Stop glorifying these monsters…..he needs to be forgotten and labeled as wife and child murderer and nothing more…..his parents should have to give half of their income for the rest of their lives to Lacy s family. Period. You made him, he is a pieceofshit and you didn't end him so yeah it is their fault. Just like that stupid bitch mother of the nazi who ran over and killed and innocent young woman because no one wanted to bang his inbred nazi ass….she needs to do some time in prison as she definitely know her son was a monster and did nothing to stop him.

Ahmet Zater says:

Scott prison is easy part worry about GOD.

lam Copperhead says:

he let "amazing" slip.he feels "amazing".he enjoys the attention.

Firstname Lastname says:

re: 'I had no idea it was coming'
Funny, Scott: neither did Lacy.

Linda Stonebraker says:

There's so much circumstantial evidence against him. He was fishing on the day she went missing…her body was found in the water…he calls Amber Frye after he knows his wife is missing and doesn't mention it…..He's found with his brothers ID and bleached hair trying to cross the border into Mexico….ok Scott we believe you….NOT

Janel Lemay-Naït says:

If I make a movie Jeremy Piven would played Scott Peterson

Mikey D says:

He killed her and was found guilty. He lied about his affair and as if Laci knew about it, he lied about killing her. What did he expect? Who cares anymore?

Lisa Ciancanelli says:

Free Scott Peterson

Kendrah Whyte says:

Lacy had such a beautiful smile and her Mom was pretty too!!!

Kendrah Whyte says:

Once again, we are reminded that the Devil can be quite handsome!!!

Mandy Simms says:

OMG! Hes deluded if he actually thought he would be found innocent.

safanup says:

Scott looked so calm for a person who's been accused of murdering his wife, i would be so angry, scream and shout anyway i can to voice that i am innocent.

RT says:

I'm sure Scott will be free in a week. Thank Gawd for that white privilege!

Niki Laura says:

he sounds so weird & creepy… they always speak out lying their asses off… dont believe them for a second… goooo Nancy Grace!! Tell it like it is!! I love her for that!!

Ultima Online says:

Scott, you're innocent.

Gustavo Alba says:

Scott Peterson is a sick bastard who showed no remorse and thought he could get away with it he deserves to die!

Lucy BabyDoll says:

How fucking gross. I hope he rots slowly/painfully in Hell.

Sherry Sepanik says:

RIP Laci Peterson god will judge him when he passes away

Jean Jones says:

He did it…

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