Trump lashes out at ‘alt-left’ in Charlottesville

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President Trump said “there is blame on both sides” and defended his initial statement about the Charlottesville, Virginia, violence in a press conference at Trump Tower.


Valeriano Garza says:

Thanks Obama

TheBar Exam says:

I seen grown men from the alt left punching women reporters in the face; yeah the POTUS is completely correct both parties are to blame for the tragedy in charolettsville. Both alternative (extremist) groups are a stain on our society.

UseYourMind says:

Honestly one of the most balanced statements Trump has ever made. I used to be terrified he was president, but now I'm more terrified of the left who justify violence with ideology, like the "bigots" they claim oppose.

Tommy T says:

This violence was a setup by George Soros as Evil Soros pays money to Antifa, and black crimes matter to bully people. They worry about a statue over General Lee. Which the black people have murder more blacks than any KKK groups in American history like in Chicago, and other places. Just about everyday on the local News channels as they will report drive by shootings on black people or murdering on blacks. Trump is 100% right!

spaceace5621 says:

Love our President! He tells it like it is

Fisherofmen64 says:

GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP. Finally an ADULT in the White House. Obama was the WORST President causing racial division by taking sides with the left Antifa, blm, etc. Of course it was a race baiting deep state operation to cause trouble for PRESIDENT TRUMP. Don't fall for it people. TRUMP WILL WIN 2020!!!

Tykira says:

Trump can't win no matter how many facts are brought into the light.

Sociology Is Love says:

Honesty offends those in denial

crazedvikingfan28 says:

There isn't an alt-left you right- wing nitwit!!! One side are Nazis the other side is everyone in their right minds that oppose Nazis. Pretty easy to distinguish.

Hitlery Rotten Cunton says:

BLM and antifa are anti-American terrorists

Fan of Fast says:

Here the media goes again, Trump is just saying the truth about both sides doing wrong, and they make it out to be that he supports the neo Nazis side. Unless I'm missing something, what the f@#$. This would not have happened if Obama said the same thing.

clownavenger says:

fascism and communism are equally both shit and when implemented lead to the deaths of millions.. Many there belonged to these 2 groups but some were useless idiots that have been socially engineered by outlets such as The Daily Stormer or main stream media in general.

zetayoru says:

Both sides are wrong. Even if the people didn't start the violence, it was equally wrong to reciprocate. You'll only be proving the white supremecists' point if you fight fire with fire.

Brian Arentz says:

he didn't say shit wrong

megatronusorionpax 137 says:

I wholeheartedly agree with Trump because he's right. At the end of the day it's the violence of both groups that caused this tragedy not their own individual agendas, even if one side had very bad intentions and reasonings for their "protest"

Trev_ST says:

I sware, damn near half the people in the US are sooooooooooo mother, fucking, stupid….
We are actually.. About to have a civil war over complete ignorant bullshit..
Like, If you think erasing a bunch of monumented confederate solder statues.. Is going to "Fix Racism" you are BY FAR, and i mean BY FAR.. The DUMBEST motherfucking offspring, this world has EVER seen..
I mean Jesus crist.. No wonder Trump is fuckin president.. We are actually living a full blown real life idiocracy, right now.
Just waiting for the day i walk outside and everyones watering there plants w/ fuckin Gatorade..

Michelle Rodriguez says:

Finally an honest President…-
fuk it-these crazy citizens-it like thier animals now…

Leroy Green says:

"I don't want to make statements until I know the facts."
— the guy who accused Obama of not being an American for 5 YEARS, then changed his mind on the campaign trail

John Nguyen says:

If there's a protest or a riot…bring a Mustang that always solves the problem

Zachery Mixon says:

Wow people are really making excuses for these white supremacist waving nazi flags around and chanting racial remarks. This is crazy and before you talk shit about blm. How about you look at BLM rallies and see a wide spread of races in the crowd. Ty and have a good day 🙂

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