Aerial Video Shows Destruction in Virgin Islands

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Aerial video from the British and U.S. Virgin Islands shows the massive destruction inflicted on the area by Hurricane Irma. (Sept. 9)

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redpanda says:

Almost every tree have been blown away?!. Or just their leaves?

Jurgen Pagel says:

Shit happens

Nevlan Nembhard says:

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Carol Butler says:

Watch "Top Scientist Tells CBS, HAARP Responsible For Recent Hurricanes" on YouTube

elli003 says:

Wow, The Bitter End got whacked. I guess Little Dix Bay and Spanish Town didn't fare much better. Anybody know if the Soggy Dollar Bar made it ?

02Nawal says:

The UK better help those people since it's technically a British territory.

Benjamin Trif says:

All those poor rich people .

Justyburger says:

Nothing like a Hurricane to show the difference between good builders and bad builders. Some houses look fine, while others are demolished.

Mike Melina says:

Ass Press was one of the 1st "News" channels to start censoring their comment sections. This is the 1st video by them in months to allow comments.  Our hearts go out to all the people in the path of these disastrous hurricanes. The house can be rebuilt and in time, people can be made whole again. Pray for the dead and help the living.

exposing Evil Illuminati Bullshit says:

evil disgusting secret society BASTARD'S are controlling weather with HAARP and don't give about the lives of America/FUCK the America puppet president Trump and definitely FUCK the America puppet government with two middle finger's

Timothy Love says:

It is time to get out of the united-nations. Come out of her My people, that you not receive of her curses.
Do it TODAY!

androidbey says:

Lost its Virginity

Awesomely Sarcastic says:

They got fucked, I believe we can say they're not virgin anymore.

ThisIsTurok1 says:

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All who believe on the finished work of Jesus Christ will receive salvation and eternal live.
We must know, understand, and believe that the blood that Jesus Christ shed on the cross was for our sins.
The Lord loves you and wants you to know the truth, but it's up to us as individuals to BELIEVE.

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