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Sub for more: | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Sen. Lindsey Graham just threatened to subpoena James Comey so that he can address the lies in his testimony about the Hillary Clinton email case.

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Harry Higgenbotham says:

Do this and you'll have earned the respect of millions of people.

John Smith says:

I don't trust any fa**ot!

LaIslaGrande says:

Graham can not be trusted. He changes his mind a lot. But Comey needs to be investigated heavily to makes an FBI director can not purge them selves again like that.

Tony Carr says:

Money Money Money Comey

Sean Flipflop says:

Someone is suddenly really worried about public approval… Wonder where this is going… I wish it were a lynch party, but sadly I see things moving behind the curtain.

Soggy B says:

Linsey knows the people are going to cook some Rino asses in the next 2 elections and his ass is one of them. I say smoke and mirrors is his plan, because he is a piece of the corrupt swamp.

Darius reyes says:

Gary, this a waste of time and money nothin will happen to comey…

Jack Keller says:

what's in this for Lindsey Graham

Christine Caney says:

Can't trust Graham he was sneaking of to the Ukrain with McCain for secret meetings. Who knows what he's up to. Can't trust any of them.

Robert William says:

Supena the dirty prick.


More lies same as all the other testimony Comey has given. He will keep on lying if he wants to avoid the all expenses paid trip to Fort Marcy Park awarded by the Clinton Foundation.

micro Jupiter 78 says:

If Comey goes down he WILL tell all…. sing like a Canary

Patrick Foley says:

The only one who isn't on to Comey is Comey.

neweyes777 says:

The way that Graham is speaking here is great and rare for him, but I pray that all Republicans awaken soon and arrest and prosecute these folks, we want action! We the people DEMAND one Justice Dept. not 2. Blessings to all.

Randy Wells says:

they should put in jail in general public along with 90 percent of the rep. and dem. but that won't happen there is two types of justice in this country public and government it's a double standard we only keep the laws that make money

John Stewart says:

Bet: Comey will not be squirming. If he finally goes full-disclosure, he will say that OB convinced him, and Bill convinced Loretta, that pursuing criminal charges for UNWITTINGLY putting classified, but not sensitive material out to DropBox would DE-RAIL THE presidential election PROCESS. It would effectively turn it into a one-candidate vote…tantamount to dictatorship. He convinced Comey that preserving the constitutional democracy was the greater public good over pursuing pedantic charges.

Tom Andrejko says:

Comey is a liar and a crook just like killary

Joe Dirt says:

Comey is a gutless turd. A 6"8 and 300 pound coward. He read one tweet and ran off and started leaking shit to the press. He was supposed to be the country's top law enforcement officer. What a disgrace. That's an embarrassment to the real law enforcement officers that have to kick down doors and arrest the most violent criminals on earth.

D Duffy says:

Graham better be careful. He's crooked, too.
Amazing isn't it? Graham was against Trump, believed Trump had something to do with Russians.
He's a dissenter of ALL that is good.

John Walker says:

Put Comey under guard, the democrats don't want him to talk

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