BREAKING: New “Secret” Email Server Discovered, Dems Panicking | Top Stories Today

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Top Stories Today –
BREAKING: New “Secret” Email Server Discovered, Dems Panicking | Top Stories Today

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BREAKING: New “Secret” Email Server Discovered, Dems Panicking | Top Stories Today:

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BREAKING: New “Secret” Email Server Discovered, Dems Panicking | Top Stories Today:

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Top Stories Today says:

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Wayne Teachman says:

They did not pay that kind of money for nothing

350Scrambler says:

Demoncrats don't believe they ever do anything wrong, all one has to do is ask them.

Jsmes Wagner says:

This guy worked for the Clinton's..everything he stole ended up on Hillary's servers..that's why we can't see the 33000 emails because she was blackmailing the other democrats..they need to start the investigation all over..

Acer13 P says:

These Dems must have the slowest brain functioning I know my God one more dumber than the other WoW

Eric R says:

Ban ALL Secret Servers

Short Shyt says:

Pandora's box? I'm thinking one of many Pandora's boxes, mamma said that if you see 1 cockroach, you can be sure that there are 100 in hiding and that you can't see.

ken b says:


Tracie Johns says:

This is why they want PresidentTrump inpeached so badly. They didn'tf!want caught! Corruption!

Robert Brucefan says:

Sounds like Barack and Hillary up to their old tricks. A Muslim President with a Muslim working there stealing documents. What a strange coincidence. Who would have thought a nice Muslim boy, born in Kenya, who went to a college somewhere, who celebrated Ramadan at the White House, and would never identify radical Islam would ever do such a thing. And Hillary is the most trustworthy person who ever walked the earth. They should call her Mother Hillary.

Mariannie Bobannie says:

George Webb has spent 328 days solid investigating this. Every day of his investigation can be found on YouTube under George Webb. This is only the tip of the iceberg!!!

Mike Turner says:

They just should send all their classified e-mails etc, to everyone and anyone on the net. they don't get it, classified material is classified for a reason, But they just don't seem to get it.

A1986Ge1995 says:

However according to the democrats and liberals, President Trump is a menace to America.

Lola0306 says:

And now what?

Davide Davide says:

This may sound racist to some people, however, it is a point which should be noted and taken on board. Has anyone noticed how a number of Pakistanis, through immigration, have managed to access the position of spies who are influential to the very top level in western countries? How is that possible?

Hillary Clinton had her Huma Abedin with her relatives deeply involved in the Muslim brotherhood. Huma, though formerly married to a Jew, could have been siphoning secret information to foreign Muslims who are unfriendly to all western democracies let alone to America itself. What did Huma and her husband do with the information they accessed from Hillary's private server? Who else had access to it? How much of that information did they sell off to unfriendly powers? The fear of being called racist and non inclusive has had Americans at the very top level inviting the enemy to sup at their own table without their even realising it.

Then there is the Pakistani mayor of London who uses whatever influence he has to prevent Trump from visiting Britain which is something that is quite unprecedented since America is a foremost British Ally and the President is an elected President. To deny him access to the capital city, London, is not the act of an ally which should be able to welcome him whomsoever he is by virtue of the office he holds let alone for other reasons. In fact, the Pakistani mayor has acted like an enemy of the United States under these circumstances.

What has happened in Britain is clearly happening in the United States also at every level. It is a stealthy take over by enemies of western thought and civilisation. They get into the country firstly as refugees, economic refugees or even students to become British or American citizens but of course they are only that in name not in fact. Their allegiance is still with their own people, their own religion whilst the country where they are successful is only a means of making money, nothing more. They have no fellow feeling for Americans if they are in America.

It is then no surprise to find an entire Pakistani family on the payroll with the Dems who, as part of their philosophy, wished to show how friendly they are to Muslims and how even handed they are to persons of a racial group other than Anglo or white.
Unfortunately for America, the Pakistani Muslims generally speaking are not friendly to America. They are the ones who have supported Bin Laden and the extreme Muslim terrorists in Afghanistan. They are the ones who are persecuting Christians in their own country and wherever else they can find them. To allow them access to secrets of the highest order is to put a largely Christian country at very great risk. No war against terror could possibly be won with this degree of access to secret information as well as of profiles of persons in government and their dirty laundry. Clearly, competence in running the computing at these places has to encompass the security of the persons employed and their connection with family and others in their original countries of domicile. There is an extreme conflict of interest there. People are confused because so many American blacks have now become Muslims too. There is total freedom of religion in America but when the one religion wants the death of Christians, that is a freedom taken too far.
It now is obvious that employment close to the top levels of government should discriminate against non American, non Christian/Judeo persons who may work against Americans and pass on information to their own ethnic groups elsewhere. All persons may be equal under American law but unfortunately many persons have religions or ethnicities which make equality impossible because they are personally discriminatory against Americans even if they are nominally Americans.
Notably, it is still mandatory to be Christian in order to be the President of the United States so freedom of religion does not stand insofar as the top American office is concerned.

The information leakages at the White House are only now being prevented through the timely intervention of President Trump who has employed a General to control the movements in that place. A similar strategy should be in place to protect information of government, including the offices of the Opposition who may at some time return to government.

Who are the computer technicians employed at the White House who have access to information? It is important that America has only the most trustworthy individuals in the top jobs that have access to secret information. Persons with family affiliations in enemy countries should never get so close. It is quite clear that even native born Americans from American backgrounds need to be better vetted and watched because the most recent generations have grown up with brainwashing via the educational systems which are denying western democracies whilst praising other cultures in a burst of unprecedented cultural relativism which is designed to destroy the west and white people in particular. To be trendy, people whom we should trust are easily bought off by the enemy in these circumstances. They have been brought up without a sense of history and the awareness of the possibilities of traitorous behavior by foreign influences. The notion that immigrants will love Americans and American culture so much that they will forget their own is a nonsense. These people like the material benefits of being in America but overall they despise Americans and American freedoms. The desire by some Muslims to want Sharia law in certain American localities is a sign that American values are under attack as we speak. That sort of behavior should be made unlawful.

There is no need to be apologetic for western civilisation therefore that message must now be put out loud and clear to the next generation. Anti western civilisation values chatter should be discouraged at all levels in government with the worst and most dangerous of it condemned as traitorous to Americans in general. Americans should not be put in the position of nurturing its enemies particularly by denying their own history and Christian struggles.

Since Obama was President this anti western values situation has worsened and been legitimised. Time to turn the clock back in that regard. Hopefully President Trump will consider laws to re-instate American values aka western values once again.
It is not a sin to declare America to be a dominantly Christian country. Whilst others may practise their various religions freely, a very definite line has to be drawn as to where that freedom begins and ends. To impose Muslim values on Christians by thieving form their instruments of government is something which should attract the death penalty. Careful choice of persons working for government or potential government servants must be in place. Otherwise America is not safe for the majority of its people now or in the future.

redcup 3 says:

Democrats appear to be very stupid. can't wait for the next revelation

Gloria Jean Iommie says:

This guy was into all kinds of I formation. For what reason; blackmail? Or could some info be classified.

Judy Dees says:

They are sweeping it under. They won't let people know they are scared out of their minds.

Mustaffa Beenie says:

Us Legal Americans of ALL Color and Race Support Trump for the reason that American Government is CORRUPT! God Speed TRUMP! Drain that Swamp!

Mark S says:

We thought it was just Debbie Wasserman Schultz who hired this iT guy and his family members to maintain her private and business computers and paid them $6 million and then hid her laptop from investigators. Now this video is claiming that 45 Democrats have used the same guy to set up and run a private computer server. Awan fled the country when investigators were closing in on him. Someone please forward this to Rush Limbaugh ASAP.

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