Full Show – Sweden First Nation To Implement Mark Of The Beast – 09/14/2017

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Sens. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer announced they reached a deal with Trump on DACA, but the president says no such deal was made. And Swedes are embedding implantable microchips under their skin by the thousands. On today’s show, Clinton insider Larry Nichols discusses Hillary’s new book, What Happened, in which she mentions wanting to stick voodoo dolls with pins. And Former Navy SEAL Craig “Sawman” Sawyer speaks out on the horrific child sex slavery trade inside the US.

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Private Hudson says:

My slong is growing like a weed thanks to anthroplex! Best suppliment I HAVE ever USED

Sharon Benson says:

If President Trump would hear us, he would work with Russia. That is key. That is the end of global, elite politicians. He needs to open to Russia. He also has to make certain that Russia makes peace with Israel. Russia is the key.

Tim Jewett says:

Wouldn't it be smarter to put chips in gloves instead of in the body?

MrGameFreak says:

Sweden is a place of atheism so I think they do satanic rituals in my opinion.

jonny tracker says:

Is Swiss tunnel is Sweden ? Damn satanic country . Stupid country I say from India they should study ancient civilizations and their fall

The Archer says:

No they won't turn away from it. YOU NEED TO RAISE AWARENESS! WE ALL NEED TO RAISE PUBLIC AWARENESS!! Even the truth about 9/11 is hard to hear the first time, but it takes root. Don't push the trafficking, abuse & murder under the rug!!!

Spotlight New Media says:

Get out of Sweden before it's too late and they turn you in a walking time bomb by means of micro chipping.

Crowne Productions says:

You'll float too Alex.

Private Hudson says:

Guys we have to WIN this nothing else matters .

Alpha Chan says:

Anne Graham Lotz: I Believe I Will Live to See the Return of Jesus

Bitter Clinger says:

I'd like to see the Swedes try to CHIP the millions of dirty muzzies they've brought in. Oh wait, probably give them a pass because it'd be racist….

Erik Laken says:

Pelosi interviewd, You are right, braindamage? youtu.be/7OA_K3CfvVY

Bernie Bernard says:

Warning! Planet X arrives 23rd sept 2017 Will the government inform the public

Michael Heers says:

Alex please stop cutting people off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jocelyn Campion says:

Aaron Russo was right…so they killed him.

The Eon Duo says:

Notice how Japanese people almost never pull the victim card?
Its almost like they're more intelligent than that.

Sten Peter William Karlsson says:

[ Crucifishing for Christ – G@ymerican Mindcontrol and the Apocalyptic Truthie Movement.. ]

The Eon Duo says:

Meanwhile Japan is prospering under its own power and doing much better than America at the moment.
By having the government take control over its central bank and use it in such a way to decrease their national debt and even generate revenue in the process.

That is the root of our problems.
The Fed shouldn't be loaning money to the federal government at _ALL_.
The federal government should be selling debt to the central bank and the central bank can create money from nothing, buy that bond (cancelling the total debt increase) and the interest payments from the central bank to the government would cover the national budget deficit and may even be used to fund the government in totality WITHOUT TAXES.

That is what Japan is starting to do now.
They're fighting the globalists by turning their own weapon (debt) against them.
We ought to do the same tbh.

garth young says:

The BRICS IS ALSO a factor,Alex.But,credit where credit is due , your show most certainly,IS EFFECTIVE.and you and your team are making a difference.
It is also fantastic, that, your followers are switched on re; geopolitical,financial arena.

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