How should President Trump navigate the DACA dilemma?

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The ‘Special Report’ All-Star panel weighs in



DACA is now in congress problem!!!!!!

nathan Oiler says:

China is the problem. They have a backdoor deal with nk. When war comes it will go to nk then china. Airwar on china nk will be demolished with a us ally on their border and n koreand will love it

Carl H says:

We support daca .GO TRUMP

Lilly Day says:

END DACA NOW! If they are not American citizens and the parents who brought them here are still illegal citizens, send them to their home countries together. End this insanity. What about the youth of the legal Americans who have dreams? What about that!!

Kathy White says:

Deport! Deport!
Please and schemer will be gone soon.

bboucharde says:

TRUMP is confronting the HUGE mess (domestic and international) that was caused by the Clintons, GWBush, and Obama.
And now that he must make deals and negotiate to clean up some of it, Ann Coulter abandons him. Ann—Are you working for the Clintons??? **TRUMP-PENCE 2020**

Vicki Lee Bags/ by Lynne says:

Damn… well Ann is off my list of folks that I believed in… bye

Game Bred Duramax says:

Perino is amnesty whore also!

Game Bred Duramax says:

The Law should not be a debate or up for trade to the libs!

Alikin64 says:

President Trump giving DACA amnesty will not only give the wrong message to illegal aliens it will go against what he promised and make over 1 millon or more to people who will go against what he wants , they will continue to fight for illegal aliens and sanctuary citys and make America worse and more without law. If President Trump gives DACA amnesty I doubt he will be relected. and no we don't like the deal , chuck is a flip flooper and nancy is just crazy.

Shay Houk says:

Fuck that shit! DACA is Bullshit,so are illegals! American citizens want them out, and Trump is playing footsie with the dems? I thought he would be different.Boy was I wrong.

ThrummerOfLove says:

A modified DACA in exchange for full wall funding.

Rick Rucksack says:

I love seeing all these butt hurt, emotional, and fragile comments from Trumptards, today. I got a kick out of watching Liberals react to Hillary losing, but these Trumptards are really taking No Great Wall, and DACA amnesty real real hard. I love it. Laughing my ass off!

"Trump and Pelosi sitting in a tree,
First comes DACA, then comes Healthcare, then comes Schumer in a baby carriage."

Lucky Luchiano says:

Contact their countries and get them jobs.

monkeygraborange says:

Cuck Schumer's head on a pike…. nothing less.

sexyvita88 says:

I'm a TRUMP supporter and i'm starting to believe he's LIAR….he love the validation of the Demo-Rats that's why he like to smooch up to Chuck and Nancy…… President Trump is gonna be a BIGLY womp ,womp if he cosign amnesty for DACA and get no WALL & not no fucking Fence…..

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