Milo Yiannopoulos on Breitbart News Daily (9/14/2017)

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Breitbart News Daily – Milo Yiannopoulos – September 14, 2017


measl says:

MAGA is dead, DACA is the law of the land. Daddy is dead to us.

Marcus Aurelius says:

i cannot believe Trump would be this stupid. he has stated for years and has posted text that corroborated his positions for years. if he is changing 180 then there is something really weird going on. and if he does a 180 …. as that could mean either he is being co-opted (or he is totally corrupt) then he cannot be trusted for "one more day" and must be impeached immediately, so that new solutions can be sought for.

as an analogy: one cannot purchase a car and then be given a picture of a car. that is just fraud.

Terry Best says:

What bugs me when ppl say shut up Trump playing 4d chess. HE NEEDS THESE VOICES FOR LEVERAGE. It's like they don't understand 4d chess

TheDavidDaoud says:

What's this about "grooming Muslim pedophiles"?
Please explain what you mean by that.

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