Afghan air force receives its first Blackhawk helicopters

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The Afghan air force has received its first Blackhawk helicopters from the US, in the latest step towards modernising its fleet. Afghanistan still relies heavily on US airpower, but Afghans are beginning to carry out some operations themselves. The new hardware arrives today, but it will take months before the aircraft can be used, and years before the air force can operate entirely on its own.

Al Jazeera’s Jennifer Glasse reports from Kandahar.

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Larawbar Achakzai says:

Fly high in the sky and f*ck up those punjabis!

Kuldeep Reddy says:

i think if you start counting every time you throw a journalist worldwide into a garbage can for asking a stupid and a simple question you may end up with a number thats in the range of number of atoms in universe

Hasib Abdullah says:

the government is sold out. the people in high ranks just sell the ammunitions to other countries.

Yedu Krishnan says:

May be creating an air force for the Afghan army during these times will be better for the American's rather than increasing the no:of US soldiers because it will enable the Afghan army become combactly tougher

lee zeo says:

All afghan's are terrorist. Now flying terrorist.

Kommireddy Pavan says:

Long live Afghanistan…. May the country prosper.

Kommireddy Pavan says:

Long live Afghanistan…. May the country prosper.

Yacobus Fitri says:

Will those American weapons eventually fall onto the hands of those extremists?

Darth Vader says:

irony is Taliban is funded by Pakistan and Pakistan is funded by USA so who are the Americans supporting

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