Birth complications kill around 50,000 Nigerian women a year

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In Nigeria, about 50,000 women die every year because of birth-related complications. It often happens while giving birth at home.
Culture, cost and distance keeps many from going to hospitals.

Al Jazeera’s Catherine Soi reports from Sokoto.

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Tritan says:

Still over populated.

annie h says:

I wonder what effect genital mutilation has had on their bodies as well.

Not a Gandhi says:

One solution – Education.

neuralvibes says:

That's certainly one solution to their overpopulation problem, another would be to simply use condoms and some basic common sense. Either way, what they fail to address themselves, nature will address for them through child birth deaths, famine, etc…

Bulgarisches Waffen SS Panzer Zerstörer Regiment says:

Maybe they should stop breeding. 185 million people are not enough? Buy condoms, you stupid third worlders!

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