COS Kelly Has A Few Choice Words For Made Member Of The Chicago Gay Mafia Luis Gutiérrez

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COS Kelly Has A Few Choice Words For Made Member Of The Chicago Gay Mafia Luis Gutiérrez ( The Fiery Rooster ) 9 / 12 / 2017


gbo o says:

I'm all for doing and saying the right thing. But the last 40 years the leftist traitors have destroyed the country because good men have stood down and taken the high road. Time to strike back loud and clear

Truth in the USA says:

How dare this guy criticize our heroes. And how in the world did you get elected to go to Washington is beyond me. You sir are a traitor to our beloved country. So on that note, GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR COUNTRY IF YOU DON"T LIKE IT HERE MAGGOT!!!

Mojave Green says:

Kelly is a Soros whore and Globalist Vampire pig. If they kill Trump, (or he has a 'stroke' or something), Kelly will be right there, with his knife or syringe. I'm no huge Trump fan, but compared to the scum he's now totally surrounded with, maybe or probably had those guys with dark suits that come and show the new ''President'' a little film in D? Only taken from a different angle, and position, ya know that one? And Mc Masters gives a daily report to George fucking Soros! Either Trump's a total sellout, or the man is in a world of trouble. I think all those guys on the Harley's ought to always have at least 100 of em, armed, with rifles, surrounding him.

knine1833 says:

You need to re do this and lay off the fukin meth or get a fukin fidget spinner to play with! You sure did piss this jar head off!!

Mojave Green says:

This is just more sick propaganda. Anyone repeating the chant ''SUPPORT THE TROOPS'' obviously hasn't read any of the many suicide letters written by the 22 soldiers PER DAY who commit suicide. And doesn't ''support'' shit. The over riding reason in all the letters I've written is GUILT, and anyone that truly ''Supports the Troops'' is sending letters telling them to put down the arms and refuse to fight the illegal war for the Bankers. Tell them (though many have figured it out) that they are NOT ''defending our freedoms'', that is the ones still left, after so many President Criminals have trashed the Constitution the oath they swear to is about, not the criminal puppets who are spending 20 MILLION DOLLARS AN HOUR 24/7! And send them this brief from the Nuremberg Tribunals, that also say ''I was just following orders'' isn't a valid excuse. Pat Tillman swore he wanted to go home to shout from the rooftops about the crimes he was forced to commit and the drugs the CIA was harvesting and selling back home. For that, he got three shots in the forehead. From an M-4, not an AK.

''To initiate a war of aggression ….. is the supreme international crime, only different from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of all the others. To initiate a war of aggression is a crime that no political or economic situation can justify. '' – Declaration of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, 1945.

'' If certain actions in violation of treaties are criminal actions, these are criminal actions if committed By the USA or by Germany. . . We are not willing to endorse a law that may condemn the criminal conduct of others unless we are prepared to have those laws invoked against us as well. '' – US Supreme Court, Justice Robert Jackson – Principal Attorney for the USA at the Nuremberg Tribunal , 1945.

eric klekot says:

The empty barrel vs The Devil Dog, most lopsided loss in history for Louise Gubierrez. Semper Fi.

I see the editing on this one, as a furious man spinning in his chair while having to listen to Congressman Guber. Don't worry, the General hits back a lot harder.

Sean Crawford says:

Buddy, can't you leave the fucking thing alone long enough for a news interview? Fawk!!!

Red Symphony says:

Doc: You need to exorcise this video…

Charles K L Jordan says:

He is a Mexican in heart; not an American

Jeremy Stolz says:

Wth is going on with this editing?

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