CrossTalk on RT and Sputnik: Attacking Free Speech

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The television station you are watching now and the Russian news agency Sputnik may find themselves in legal jeopardy in the United States. The drive to designate both as foreign agents under the “Foreign Agents Registration Act” is disturbing and dangerous. It would seem those in power decide who can freely speak.

CrossTalking with Scott Rickard, Neil Clark, and Alexander Nekrassov.

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RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.


Low C C says:

MSm think they run the world. Fuck them off.

Sam Whitehead says:

Fantastic work Peter and all your viewers , Your channel is the best network I have seen, I use to watch the TV, But as you and your guests say , That the mainstream news are just telling you the same ., On every channel, Enough already , This is the way people can choose the media they want, and its your program that bring people like me to seek common sense , Keep it up RT , and Crosstalk, regards Sam.

Mike Berg says:

If anyones not heard of it ggl The Greater Israel Plan,it s everthing,really.

Mike Berg says:

If I were to say the neo cons are Israeli agents,msm would say Im an anti semite even tho its provable.Many r dual citizens.

Mike Berg says:

USs liberty,mention it,ANTI SEMITE.Boycott msm.

George S says:

Yes, Peter, I feel 'forced' to watch RT TV, in order to balance out the continual US propaganda against some decent News broadcasts. How times have changed . . . Thank you very much for your very well produced programs! I will 'force' myself to enjoy them EVERY DAY (with all the caution of a reasonable, skeptical mind, of course)!

Adele Celeste says:

Love you RT!!!!

Shan Ri Ha says:

Who controls and owns the media in the U.S, Zionist Jews. It was stated on the show also that these Jews are trying to control media in Russia. These same Zionists are controlling Gov. in both the U.S and Britain. So you know who's causing all this horror going on and yet no one will lay it out in black and white. We must stop these people trying to destroy our futures. There's so much these pricks have pushed throughout the years that has caused mass murder and war etc. wake up and finally stop these Zionist cretins.
Peace ✌️

er4se1 says:

Zionism is the elephant in the room…

Wave Dancer says:

Whi is behind? Rothschild-Clan, Clinton, Bush, Obamas and the deep state etc.

Abi Shah says:

The jewish zionist lobbyists are behind the insidious attack on free speech.

Pierre Loubris says:

amazing how the US and the EU are acting…..the hypocrisy is so much that it is against FREE speech

Richard Llewellyn says:

America has Zero tolerance for the truth they cant stand having thier crimes exposed they have already lost the information war but thier arrogance like Hillary wont let them take responsibility like an adult but rather blame others like the spoilt brats they are.

Wayne Mierzwa says:

I was listening to Radio Moscow,Radio Peking, Havana in the 60s Before internet when VOA said US not involved in Laos…The most bombed country in history.2.5+ million tons..The CIA lied, Moscow ,Peking , Havana,broadcast the truth. Look up most bombed country in history on google!EASY..

The Hound of Time says:

Who is afraid of the truth? But liers, deceivers and manipulator, news for people that can see beyond the veil of deceit! Now! that's a dangerous precedent, this can even became a trend and led the masses to dissent.One only has to look at the comments space, to realise how hard they trying to destabilize  the narrative among the viewers, the agents with their simpleton tactics, are overtaking in numbers, the opinionators, and I insist on adding my voice, we need freedom loving people, to support programmes like this. We have  a duty to the future, to stand up and be counted for, or we will loose the right to have a future.

Hooty Poot says:

Have any of you watched rt America? They promote any and every thang that would collapse any nation.

Fabio Trombetta says:

peter keep going!




* A great scripture in BIBLE…………."REVELATIONS 2:9, 9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan…= FAKE jew-WISH Khazar Satanic demons!*

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