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Sub for more: | The Chairman of the European Commission believes that Turkey has no chance of joining the European Union, at least until 2019. Speaking before the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Jean-Claude Juncker said that Ankara is burning bridges with Europe, and acts so deliberately to have the opportunity to accuse the EU of disrupting the accession negotiations.

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DeVon Straham says:

Geographically, Turkey is a part of Europe.

Coleman Adamson says:

Thus confirming bible prophecy…..Turkey will join with Russia in the last days…having tried desperately for years to westernize and partner with the west.

Party Fevers says:

Lol I thought this chick was a voice program

Kevin Hoekman says:

Gary, why am I seeing the Jezebel Megyn Kelly's ad on your videos?

Yusuf Kılıç says:

Turkey: fuck europe

Isa Sala says:

Junker is a complete idiot… He will way Turkey is elligible the moment he gains something with it

250sabre says:

Inessa you need a new camera, it's like watching you through a mist !! Love your reporting !!!

TheBlackHeart1903 says:

Funny because USA supports commie terrorists (ypg) like how they created ISIS. You dont need enemies when you have allies like the US

TheBlackHeart1903 says:

Yo Butthurts listen to this

This will make you more butthurt

Muhammet Güler says:

Bana Bu Kadının dediklerini birisi ozetlesin 😀 Kendi Silahlarımiz Felan Olsa Ekonomimiz Çok Güçlü olsa mq Abdnin ama neyazikki öle deil :d

Robert Bottoms says:


darkmountainman23 says:

Why the hell would they want to be a part of the godless liberal socialist hellhole that is modern Europe anyway?
All people from the East and West SAY NO TO GLOBALISM, it is mutually destructive to both cultural spheres. Break up the EU and NATO. And let us Americans put America First.

David Weirauch says:

Europe doesn't have enough refugees yet to be allowed

MadMax BeyondThunderbone says:

Made my pants move

Well Prepped Pantry says:

Gary not coming back? boooooooo whoooo

Mr Wonderful says:

turkey should be nuked

royce priest says:

Somebody needs to get rid of Junker

OldCowboy hillcountry says:

If "they" want or agree with Sharia Law, "they" and their entire family get a FREE ticket to toilet of choice. Sharia CAN NOT, WILL NOT coexist in a civil society! Close the Mosques!

Colani Tower says:

Erdogan couldn't care less. After a few years, it will be the EU joining Turkey and the Turk leadership setting the rules.

1woodmonger says:

America should make a deal, Russia drops allies with Iran, and we drop alleys with Turkey, and then we ally with russia, and, because Britain is now pretty much an Islamic State, we tell Russia we will drop Britain if they drop China.. then we maybe we as Americans drop Saudi Arabia and they drop north korea.. then North Korea would stop their bull shit.

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