Google Fighting Massive Android Malware Outbreak Could Affect Up to 21 Million People

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Another month, another bunch of Android malware that’s found its way onto Google Play. That’s according to researchers from Check Point, who claimed to have found the second-biggest outbreak to ever hit Google’s platform, with as many as 21.1 million infections from one malware family.

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BluePillParadigm says:

SOURCE LINK to a list of all known infected apps

Katalabix says:

Google will patch this up eventually

Missaku Kongo says:

Couldn't get the engine in the car to drive lol

Connie Long says:

UK terror threat level raised to 'critical' after London Tube explosion

Mandarin McPhee says:

They've ALL been infected by something.

1142 Eat my Ass says:

Since the censoring of conservative voices and content creators on Youtube and other censorship in silicon valley I have to say, Fuck Google! I hope the hackers rub Google's face in the dirt. Take em down.


#GoogleGulag ! NOTE: When posting this Link to Other Soc Medias… The "Google" is dropped from the Vid Title!!!! It CHANGES To: "Massive Android Malware Outbreak Could Affect Up to 21 Million People" #SCRUBBED

MrKingmino says:

No problems, running Xposed framework with Xprivacy at root level (unbreakable) and have Kaspersky for US/IS IC malware running on top of it! 🙂 🙂

whoknows6806 says:

Android without Google services or Play services installed is the answer! Learn how to modify your Android phones and harden them against surveillance and malware. Install custom ROMs and don't install anything google related.

chris leonard says:

Google/Alphabet/CIA collaborators need to be exterminated.

jim styles says:

Wasn’t Android supposed to be relatively SAFE?

Amber Dawn4CHRIST says:

I think all these hacks and everything are more of a reason for them to bring in the "beast system" people are going to give their lives over to it because they will feel more "safe" in this world. But their giving up their eternal souls. Its all part of the plan. Thank God for His Son Jesus!

Shelly Brazwell says:

Time to go back to a land line.or a phone with card. Better for health. Will miss the u tube and a few games..ju st got new phone after 5 year s..if they mess it up I don't have the heart or money to continue. Thanks for heads up.

J Smith says:

That's interesting because yesterday I could not get on YouTube for awhile.

hummer 669 says:

Fk no android apple did this Fk apple

Chad Lickinstein says:

Be careful downloading apps

GreyboSneed says:

Did anyone think google being connected to EVERYTHING might be a problem?

J Brand says:

Scam to get users to switch to apple.or not to switch to android.

Robert Phillips says:

Throw away your phone

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