Homemade bomb on London subway treated as ‘terrorist incident’

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A homemade bomb detonated on a packed London subway train during rush hour this morning. More than 20 people were injured.

To read more: www.cbc.ca/1.4291153

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Zoopy Joobles says:

I am shocked that this has happened because, as a good liberal, I edit the last time it happened out of my memory and refuse to see any patterns connecting these tragic attacks.

iTech says:

This is why the US doesn't need illegal immigration

gaatutube says:

Religion of Pieces strikes again. Just "part and parcel of living in a big city"… huh ! Oh .. and there's like a million syrians and somalians knocking at your border gates to get in. Go ahead … give them asylum … one day white britons will be refugees begging countries like India or Brazil to let them in.

Alexander Wesner says:

Muslum mayor. Hmmmm I wonder hmmmmmm

Alexander Wesner says:

George Soros and cbc want this here in canada will start in Quebec…

Sky's Edge Productions says:

Any rich elite who want more muslims in britain died? Nope.

Carbunkle says:

They are just following religious orders. Governments are not listening to the people and most people don't want muslims in their midst.

DroidXPhone says:

Again???? Europeans have got to be the dumbest fucks on earth. How many times does this have to happen? They are amongst you. Keep pulling them off the boats giving them political assylum. Unbelievable.

i love meow meow says:

I want to be part of a staged event and get paid. Please call my agent Rabbi FukUova

caroyln ankrum says:

Get Kahn out and a real Mayor that cares about Britains in office! Send the Muslims back to their own countries. This is what they do!

igounfazed says:

People to blame: Teresa and that islamic mayor.

Stephenie Bowen says:

Love you London!! <3
So glad no one was killed.
Stay strong <3

tmacc says:

glad no one died

NoLeads Ent. says:

CBC getting closer to the real news every week lol
where's the Solar Minimum lady at!??
i want to roll her a backwood!!

I Is Princess Sammy! says:

To everyone involved in London right know, please stay strong. We are here for you <3

Tonka DRIVER says:

Friday is "false flag" day

Dr Big Dick says:

Islam at peace again?

Vahid Mortazavi says:

The terrorists are the ELITES

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