Idiots React to London Underground Attack

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101StEagle says:

Did they not say terrorist have nothing to do with Islam,yet they conflate the two as one.

Adorably Deplorable says:

Islamaphobia implies that I am afraid of Islam. Couldn't be farther from the truth, I just don't like it.

triuwida, tréowe says:

Rowling is a old,ugly,insane,evil,Menopause tart.

Everwake says:

Abolish Parliament, bring back Richard the Lionheart and renew the Crusades.

Jo W says:

Man, these idiot people make people with common sense look like geniuses!

Moxy says:

Just another drill …bucket not melted or damaged at all. Staged photos….. Don't believe this shit.

Darkman Studios says:

Can we get Pope Francis to begin a crusade so we can get this Islam BS over with?

Егор Селиванов says:

We call this "pizdets".

triuwida, tréowe says:

Rowling är en gammal,ful,galen,ond klimakterie hora.

Arch Stanton says:

WTF?! I'm on notification squad but didn't get a fucking notification!!! JewTube at it again!!!

Ride Around says:

Wake the fuck up islam is trying to destroy this Christian based country !!

Jason Young says:

The Religion of Peace of Strikes Again !!!

Zach Gabriel says:

Sure wouldn't want to hurt the Islamic extremist terrorists feeling, you know they are just misunderstood. All they wasn't is your country's complete submission to islam and you won't just give them what their faith demands. It's quite racially insensitive. If you would just submit to islam on you knees then they won't have to keep crushing young girls underneath trucks and bombing comcerts. But yes what's most important is the feelings of your new Islamic extremist neighbors. You mustn't say anything that may offend them.

JustMeNoOther says:

I do not need to activate the notifications to this channel, I always come back, everyday…

Fui Gebhardt says:

While being attacked and hiding under tables from muslim terrorists-
Guy 1: "these goddamned muslims are at it again!"
Guy 2: "it's not fuckin' muslims, you racist bigot!"

Antonio Jutronic says:

Islam is a pest as noxious as leftism

stark1987 says:

ive lost my mind in listening to the left long ago to that i cant do it anymore, your strength and perseverance is astounding, thanks for doing what you do, Paul.

Sweetmamaschilipancakes says:

To be honest "The Left" sounds like a fucking stereotypical evil corporation

TheMan Ortiz says:

We have a similar problem in the Philippines. Just change Muslims to drug suspects.

Von Milash says:

It's all prophesied. Jesus is the only way.

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