New database shines light on cop-crime

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Philip Stinson, a criminology professor from Bowling Green State University, has created a unique database showing the arrests of police officers, covering more than 2,000 agencies across the nation. More than half of these arrests were due to violence. He joins RT America’s Ashlee Banks to discuss the project and what it means for police accountability.

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Leonard MacAulay says:

For the most part you can blame the police unions as to protect the mega bucks collected in dues will go to the wall for even the most heinous criminal officers. The root of the problem lies in the original recruting was based on (As with the RCMP in Canada) min 6ft tall and high school graduate. From this unfiltered pool of personel became the higher ranks and so so goes the pattern for almost all police services. Much has been don as to qualifications and training but it will take outside influence to get the Idea of reform to impliment or decades of the "same old same old"

John Stewart says:

7,000 bad guys out of 1.1 million law enforcement officers….pretty good vetting….except in Minneapolis. He says "arrested," not convicted. A CONVICTION should get you dismissed with cause.

avader5 says:

Why don't you do one to document all the black mob violence maybe there isn't a database that could be large enough to hold all that information. Plus it would make the black kids angry. Let's not forget the 94% of blacks are killed by other blacks it's only 3% that are killed from interactions with law enforcement.

Bryce Irwin says:

What is the name of the website

Kissing Bandit says:

Who polices the police????

DisinfoHasbuiltAnarmyofidiots era of ignorance says:

Finally RT cover something that could help American civilians

INTJ83 says:

Tyrannical government aka police departments.

Wade Dewell says:

Police are and always will be enemies of the people and friend of the corrupt state

devbyrd1 says:

He must be a survivor of the Bowling Green Massacre

C Stew says:

An arrest is not a punishable event, only a conviction.

G Hooghkirk HIGHLIFE says:

Fake news anti police officer database with fake statistics. 99.9% of cops are being attacked by racist fake statistics. Black armed criminals are shot by police for braking the law and trying too kill innocent people and police. This database is 100% FAKE. LIBERALS ARE TRYING TO LIE AND Make US BELIEVE THIS BULL. FAKE News AND FAKE RACIST PROPAGANDA.

Robgoren says:

Cops are the scum of the Earth.
The muscle arm of the plutocracy.

Commander Crash says:

BLM is A terrorist organization.

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