Parsons Green: ‘It’s a terrible thing’ – US President Donald Trump – BBC News

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Asked about the London terror attack by reporters outside the White House in Washington, Mr Trump said: “It’s a terrible thing.

“It just keeps going and going, and we have to be very smart, we have to be very, very tough.

“Perhaps we are not nearly tough enough.

“It’s just an absolutely terrible thing. In fact, I’m going to call the prime minister right now.

“We have to be tougher and we have to be smarter.”

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ryan francis says:


richie s says:

Gump is a idiot . Rex.t for president 2020

1kparmar says:

For once I agree with him… He is not wrong.

N Xarigow says:

He didn't say anything about maymar budhist genocide on there own Muslims minority & when Iss exploded Turkey cities. Now terrorist iss that he bomb everyday do explosion in Europe, he try paint all Muslims same brush typical white racist, what a clown. Secondly why did he take of Iraq out of the Muslims ban of Usa travel ban. Haha, money oil hungry orange clown. Go and dance with Saudi Arabia kingdom dictators. Shuush clown

Donald J. Trump says:

I'm not wrong. That I can tell you.

Kevin Shag says:

Why has the BBC got rotting old women, with sunken eyes and disguising wrinkled faces, reading the (fake) news.

Do the dirty old cows suck cock (with their gums when they take their plastic teeth out)?

Charlie says:

I wish trump was in charge of the UK.

AngerySpheesMarheen says:

I like how the titles of Trump videos usually make clear his inability to use more adjectives in his speech but when you watch the actual footage, it all makes sense and comes across well.

Tiliinuw says:

Trump as real as it gets

Anita Foster says:

He's just a GENIUS of a Dolt, isn't he?! SO embarrassing

mikebud420 says:

Who the shit was talking about the Muslim ban?! This is addressing the bombing that JUST happened! closed minded idiots. People want Racism and Prejudice to just rule over our minds forever. Which they are doing a great job at.

Joel D says:

Get used to it people. They want you to accept that this is how life is now as the islamic takeover continues!! There is no longer any need to say prayers for these people there. They vote the very idiots into office who are getting them killed #ERADICATEISLAM

Jack Burton says:

Trump is right

ObsoletePowerCorrupts says:

Make Smarter Tough again?

Tommy T says:

Blame it on your scum U.K government, and PM. They are the ones murdering you Brits, and they will silence you Brits by speaking the truth about Muslims. BBC is another liberal News by slaughtering you Brits as sheep. But I hope the liberal Brits got bombed as wasted of human feces. But I hope the good Brits are safe.

laila howard says:

Receive into visitor suit tribal defensive improvement.

Joey Thug says:

When people start treating everone equal ,we won't have as many p hycos ,our country won't be as dumb as well

Joy Lee says:

We feel safer under our President's leadership here in America.
Terrorism has to go! Islam has to go!!!

Michael H says:

Trump is a logical great President.. You ANTIFA types are the FAXXN idiots

Anthony Colon says:

The comments on this video is sickening..may those who speak and live with closed minds find peace when the real war begins..and to make myself clear, i hate any form of racism and "race" supremecy

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