Police: London train blast intended to cause maximum damage

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Police believe the London underground explosion was timed to cause maximum casualties. The explosion happened on the District Line in the city’s south-west during the busy morning rush hour.
The British Prime Minister has convened the country’s emergency committee.

Al Jazeera’s Barnaby Phillips reports from London.

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S C says:

thank god no one died

greetings from hawaii


Train go boom

Alex R says:

What happened this time

gogadget go says:

just another day in paridise.

EaskyOverAndOut says:

never liked sheish kebabs anyway!!

Worldwide Package says:

Why ? Just why ?

Chaz Walker says:

Wohwa, this could be an innocent Irish invention > Lazy Way To Paint Your Home

Hank Smith says:

We should have nuked isis a long time ago

Daniel Lopez says:

I love how some people seriously believe it's just part of being in a big city. And yes I know a majority of it is sarcasm but honestly. Haven't seen a lot off attacks like this on any major metropolitan areas in the US in a very long time.

jj mm says:

I see another terror attack again from the stone age people typical



Kim Jong Un says:

Alley akber

Jarochito says:

daily dose of peace

shawnlyndacouch says:

the idiots cant even kill anybody right anymore….even terrorists are having trouble with this generation of stupid millenials

The cossie man, Dictator of Ze Kitties says:

How about we pull out of the middle east and stop giving them more reasons to commit these acts of terrorism?

Boomer5150 says:

Admiral Akbar?

Mark W. says:

Blow up mecca.

luis galindo says:

Its sad that this isnt preventable anymore

brex it says:

Queue Mays solidarity, vigilance, togetherness and all the other bullshit speech..

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