Power Play: News and Trivia Quiz Sept. 15

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Chris Stirewalt welcomes two new players to Power Play this week! Fox News contributor Gillian Turner and the WaPo’s James Hohmann step up to the plate. Together they’d be a great team, but how did they perform separately? Watch and play along!


hopndon hopndon says:

Trump should resend the law exempting congress from Obama care by executive order, then watch how fast this mess gets straightened out

Dan McGovern says:

This Stirewalt is a fat idiot with no brains. He went to some shit college to boot.

Dave Little says:

The most gorgeous chick on YouTube

Fr. Duffy Fighting 69th says:

Gillian Turner?  This slag spent 8 years helping Obama to undermine U.S Foreign Policy.  She is a traitor.

Joshua Roberts says:

wtf is this shit

Camer Pikin says:

If American Healthcare system is so great, so WHY isn't ANY other country copying the American System?

Camer Pikin says:

Who is this FAT jerk?

Keep It Real says:

"53% support single payer healthcare"…. that is exactly why we don't go by the " popular vote". Our forefathers were 100% correct in their belief that the "majority" are seldom correct.

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