Robert E. Lee Confederate Statue removed from Dallas park

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A heavy police presence accompanied crews of removal workers as they dismantled the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from Robert E. Lee Park in Dallas, on Thursday. It will remain on an abandoned naval air station until officials decide its fate at a later date.

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Noneshere says:

US Government is eradicating its history, how convenient. Make no doubt, GOVERNMENT is who's doing this, not the "left".

anameaboveallothers says:

this is stupid. see the movie the free state of jones

Christopher John Rozell says:

This is government vandalism!

James Martinelli says:

put up replacement statue of native american indians who fought for the confederacy in lincoln' war! how about general stand watie?!

Cyber Bully says:

I don't care either way. He was general, a treasonous traitor, a murderer. I love it that the dumb white trash get their panties stuffed up their inbred asses and act like idiot racist pukes. The ignorant are great entertainment.

Mikhail369 says:

Trash people with no higher than a 105 IQ.. when the Marxist takeover of America is complete, these cops will be the first to go.. we got that to look Forward too.

wotan20 says:

All the hollowed Liberties one can handle nowadays in America. Police, who resemble soldiers of an internal occupying army, arbitrarily removing an important part of history by the advice of Cultural Marxists, who are festering the public discourse, like so many maggots.

Willy Wombat says:

I want it and will protect it

Different Music says:

The US is destroying its history so the snowflakes don't cry.

GlobalGamingGroup says:

Robert E. Lee hated the idea of statues being built in the honor of the confederacy or the union, by taking it down they are finally honoring him for real.

Liz Spencer says:

I'm ashamed to be from Dallas now. WTF.

00Billy says:

Lincoln's first pick to lead his army… and the statue is taken down? Also didnt score points in the mexican war?

Marco Dunn says:

It's a great time to be an Anarchist. Just sitting back doing bong rips watching the morons destroy themselves. My "Murican Dream" come true.

Rusty Rifle says:

Dallas Police look like Midgets ??

Collected Canadian says:

To be replaced with retarded ANTIFA "warriors"…..sad!

Imagined Self says:


jason4275 says:

Put all those 2ND place losers in the museum were they belong.

napoleon smith says:

the democrats are trying to hide their slave owning past by hiding their democrat generals and taking their statues down. sorry democrats, your kkk past is catching up with you. the more you try to hide your misdeeds, the more they come to light.

Shawn Lewis says:

Dallas is going to shit anyways

Wayne Mierzwa says:

Civil war was about states rights! Lincoln freed the slaves because he wanted their help! to save the north.What next burn the books?

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