The Truth About Depression | Paul Joseph Watson And Andrew Tate

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Uncle Phil says:

why do you always have to include that fucking bigmouth Alex Jones on your show.

Heather H says:

Not enough CBT techniques being administered and learned so that individuals can learn skills to cope. Trauma changes brain function. Big Pharma. Provides the quick fix. I hate having to take drugs to function.

Heather H says:

Underestimating how many children grow up in homes where there is neglect, lack of nurturing in the first three years, and having narcisstic parents….children are not growing up to get a secure sense of self.

Mable Bartlett says:

Suicide is real because they feel spiritually overwhelmed with no way out. Pills help people cope. This world is telling you to deal with the cruelty you see and can't get out of your brain.

Other people are not affected the same as the suicidal person. Prisoners live with their heinous crimes but others hate this world for what they see and come in contact with. They turn pills instead of suicide. The world is an evil place filled with people who do not allow tragedies to affect them personally whereas some feel paralyzed and are in stupors all their lives. I know everyone at some time or another hit dead ends and overwhelming troubles. Some turn to God and religion others do not and go backwards. This world is hard on everyone but people have to move on. Deal with it day by day. The help of a pill is ok. But only shoulder to lean on, a helping hand, he gets up and reaches up for that hand out of the pit of despond. Like the old English story…

Lara O'neal says:

This guy knows nothing about real depression. Being sexually abused as a child I've read changes brain chemistry. Having that happened it causes one to make wrong decisions in life and one is suffering from the ramifications and regret for making some wrong decisions. This. Does not just go away. It is a lifelong struggle but one can manage but maybe some really cannot. I don't take meds I try to manage with organic diet and getting educated about this and also getting rid of toxic ppl in ones life. This is a very complex affliction with a myriad of variables so this is not a fruitful conversation to be had in this venue.

Toni-anne Collins says:

you have obviously never been depressed

finn1951 says:

It is one of the easiest things to cure !! Look at what you eat, stop eating crap !!

John Shrader says:

Alex is a buzz kill.

pds002 says:

I love PJW, but he and his guest are completely wrong on this. Drugs are over prescribed and their efficacy is questionable, but..depression certainly exists and isn't always related to environment and personal circumstance.
Some people can't see anything which exists outside of their own experience and this conversation is an example of that.
The comments about Robin Williams are an example of pig ignorance. Next, he'll be telling us that anorexia isn't real, that all you need to do is tell people to eat. At 16 mins, he seems to concede that there are two types of depression; accepting that of Winston Churchill. 
See if you can get Dr. Steve Pieczenik back on the show to talk about depression.

mrdoggonecrazy says:

This guy has never had depression …. that is very clear.

Perfectlyfaded Delusions says:

Plus Sociopathic juvenile whiners and feminists are the ones who pretend to have it for oppression points, I think Paul you are confusing them with real sufferers.

Perfectlyfaded Delusions says:

So being sexually abused by my step brother is not valuable enough for depression and PTSD then?

john smith says:

SITUATIONAL? When u wake up in the morning and want to kill yourself , even though your life is good and everything is fine. Is this still considered situational? This was a little offense to people with REAL clinical depression, but with that said. Yes, if u make poor decisions in life then you'll obviously be depressed…..

Tracy Camps Crafts Decor says:

Fyi…PTSD is NOT only suffered by military people!!! I wish there were MORE recognition on this topic

Tracy Camps Crafts Decor says:

That's NOT how depression works. You're sadly incorrect!

Lee says:

I don't think they understand genuine depression. Plenty of cases are situational but lots of people get depression for no reason and that's when drugs can work. If it's situational I would say avoid drugs and solve the problems first. And yes I am actually a professional.

Lowe Johnston says:

Alex, please try to figure out why people are offended by your presentation

Menmatters says:

I had depression in 1994. It is not the same as sadness. It's much deeper than that. I did not turn to drugs to get out of it, but specialists were a waste of time. It took me 15 months to come out of it. BTW I worked and studied the whole time.

Evan T says:

I was bullied relentlessly by four older thugs in high school. I've experienced horrible break ups. I was constantly told by negative people that my career choice is garbage and won't yield anything. I kept going forward and believed in myself with no expectation to be given anything. Today I am successful and make my own schedule to work and have gotten rid of ALL toxic people in my life (including family). Not bad for a kid who grew up poor and never accepted public assistance and/or drowned in self pity. From miserable minimum wage jobs as a foot courier delivering boxes and paychecks, a leaflet passer in the street and trudging huge duffel bags selling English-speaking classes to where I am today, I was never depressed and in fact was more motivated to better myself. So many people nowadays my age are such neutered weaklings it's pathetic. Two words of advice: DON'T reproduce! Thanks to you two for telling it like it is.

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