What They’re Not Telling You About Depression

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Is depression just an excuse for losers who refuse to take responsibility for their bad lifestyle choices?

Kick boxing world champion Andrew Tate sounds off.

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Oculus Prime says:

Depression exists. It's just your body and mind telling you to DO something. The only way out of depression is to take action. Find a new path. Doing nothing keeps you in a negative state.

oneleggedspider says:

The problem is some people believe that if they're not happy all the time, that somehow amounts to them being unhappy. That is false.

Back in my 20's, I was depressed. In my late 30's, I continue to be depressed now and again. But there is a difference. I became aware of the fact that I am not my depression. I'm me. A small distinction maybe, but an important one. Some of you understand it.

You're not your job or career. There was a time when you had no job, and you didn't give a damn. That time will come again. In between jobs come and go.

You're not your marriage or relationships. Relationships change. Have you ever seen them NOT change? No. So how can you be your relationships? You can't.

Are you your beliefs? Once you believed in Santa Claus, but not anymore. Whatever your beliefs are, or how they've changed, YOU seem to endure.

Are you your money? No you're not. If you lost everything right now and it was all stripped away, how do you know that whomever is left after that isn't the real person?

The circumstances of our lives are like the clouds. They come and go, always moving, always changing. But isn't it interesting how you are the one thing that witnesses all of it, no matter what. You observing you. That means you are not the clouds. What you really are is the sky.

Normie Huwyteman says:

Patient…" Doctor, Doctor…. i feel i suffer from anxiety and depression"
Doc … " your not ill, your just aware"
Diversity is White Genocide
Miscegenation is Societal

Anthony Dimitri says:

Have this debate with a Psychologist instead of a professional fighter. Several times the argument was made that depression comes from life choices, for argument's sake let's assume that's 100% correct. Assuming that's true, how does one go from feeling depressed to feeling motivated to change their life's choices? A healthy person can do this and therefore this is not classified as depressed. It's not a light switch that goes on and off. If someone has fallen into depression, and have not had the life experiences to allow them to "snap" out of it they need help. Discouraging people from seeking help by calling them names like lazy and entitled can seriously put someone's life at risk. At some point in life, people have had to depend on other people to survive. Independence and resilience do not come from being alone, it comes from being with people who you can count on. People with depression have likely not had that experience and therefore must seek it, perhaps in therapy. Anti-Depressants can help jumpstart the process of recovery and for some people, it's necessary to function. Once a person has had therapy and begins to experience what's been missing the final step would be to make new life choices as it relates to a career, social groups, and nutrition.

Lilliandra •_• says:

Not only do you speak of a medical condition that is out of your field, you have this pos slut of a trashy man on your show who doesn't even read books and hires slut hookers talk matter-of-factly as if we are to take his advise or value his uninformed opinions

LOZZA DoT Geeking says:

Depression isn't a horrible monster but it does exist, the horrible monster to me is a metaphor more than something literal and as much as I also disagree with authoritative arguments, you really do get a better understanding studying… the thing is the brain is complex, it's not as simple as "depressed? change something and be happy", regardless of one's situation they can still be affected by depression, there is "something sad happened" or "I'm not doing enough" depressed, then there is clinical depression where regardless of environment and circumstances you are struck by a pessimistic view on things and getting out of it is different for everyone… like social anxiety, you go to a social group and try become better, it could have been caused by ONE incident years ago, so too is depression similar, a family member dies, everyone is upset, but some people don't get better, even when they hang out with friends and work a career they love and travel, some remain depressed, that is clinical depression, doesn't always be caused by loss of loved ones either, can be minor cause or even genetically passed down or how your brain has developed, if you're the type to get over things it's stupid to tell others to "do something and just be happy"… Depression is real… I do agree that it can be abused in numerous ways, metaphorically and literally, but in and of itself, it is real and it does effect everyone differently, I have it, I think about just disappearing from the world, but if one were to meet me they'd probably not realise it, I have a good handle on it and am trying to get better, but it's not the same for everyone, and different drugs work for different people, many don't need them, but many do, many don't but still take them, many do but don't take them, it's a very vast topic

Lilliandra •_• says:

You have that moronic man whore on your show?! He thinks women are essentially all gold diggers and incapable of providing for themselves and need a man to provide & take care of them in exchange for their men to have freedom to sleep with multiple women. Disgusting filthy pos cunt of a man! The fuck does he know about love or family values. That is LOW PAUL!!

NiaNook says:

I could be wrong, but I suspect there may be two sources of depression. A clinical depression where one's brain is prone to a chemical imbalance, and a depression that forms from lifestyle choices. Lack of physical activity, too much technology, porn usage, loneliness, feeding constant negative feelings and thoughts etc… These all contribute to people getting stuck in a funk, and are probably the case for most of these people that are blogging so passionately about depression hindering them. (Remember when that Pokemon phone game came out and all these millennials were acting so awestruck that their depression was cured because they were actually leaving the house?)

That being said, there's many who testify that no amount of exercise or whatever cheer-up-activities they tried did much for them. It's a curious thing.

David James says:

"anti depression" pills are actually making people more depressed. Thats a). b) the term has been so abused its meaningless, don´t blame us, blame your idiot bimbo friends who is "depressed" because her abusive boyfriend dumped her. c) its a really silly way to put it but yes, by 'moving on' he means it literally: go get youself busy, little by little, but do something, pills should ALWAYS be the last option. and d) well its almost like they have an agenda: they want to diagnose everyone to give happy pills to everyone, there is no crisis or epidemia, that is just as fake as the rape culture and page gap, I´m surprise the rating bar is so low, you people need to grow up, the parallels between this issue and other BS we are seeing today are many. Stop judging your life decisions based on 'will it make me happier?' and you will get some where, that idiotic idea is hurting everyone, life is not black and white, its deep and complex, don´t narrow it into 'muuuh I´m not happy'.

hitman 40 says:

Depression is only a perception of your reality

Philip Thon says:

I am an informed idiot. I've been through the entire anti-depressant mill myself and do have a degree. What people don't realize is that modern anti-depressants only work on clinically depressed people, which means those who have a chemical imbalance causing their depression. They will not work on people who have the "blues". Most people who get prescribed anti-depressants are not clinically depressed.

brickbybrick says:

I Agree with Nearly everything Paul Joseph Watson Stands for, and have been a fan of him for a long time, he is very nice and intelligent guy, and brave for standing up against people who try and shut him down for his Views, but I think I just have to disagree with him about Depression.

Rafael Uzcategui says:

I think it's also the food. Trust me the chemistry of your body can do wonders.

Poschet0423 says:

Disagree completely….I wish everyone who thought like you did about depression had to go through just ONE episode, then you wouldn't be so quick to judge people like myself. I have bipolar disorder and it DOES run in families…..

Two Chance says:

The fact is that one you depressed you need help to get out of it.
Alcoholism is illness and also needs outside help to get out of it.

Jack Kemp says:

I usually like your videos but depression is very real unfortunately.. it is not a matter of opinion. Also "antidepressants" aren't very effective… you are both lucky you have not suffered depression. It is like saying you can defend yourself against cancer.

Austin Hernández says:

I agree with like 99% of Paul's videos and I'm mostly conservative. But this is one video I don't agree with. I have suffered from depression before so I call this bullshit out. I had depression because of my anxiety which was NOT under my fucking control. Anxiety runs in my family and I had an abusive childhood so yeah I was scared. I was bullied and beaten everyday at school, just to come home and get beaten even more by my stepdad. So is that bad decisions? Did I decide to get bullied at school and abused at home?

sunshinegirl1967 says:

Paul, I bet you would like to read "A Mind of Your Own" by Dr. Kelly Brogan.  Pharmaceutical companies have SOLD people on the idea that depression is a disease that needs to be treated with an expensive pill.  And these companies have not been completely honest about so-called studies that show these pills help.  They really don't!  They never helped me either, which is why I refuse to take them.

John Rackley says:

Alex Jones can fuck off. This isn't his interview. This Is so rude of him. Just because Paul works for infowars doesn't give Alex Jones the moral right to hijack this interview. When the camera goes to Paul you can tell he is annoyed with the psycho Alex Jones

Atsuma Komatsu says:

ALEX stop it. A good conversation is going on and you bluster on, oy.

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