A Message from President Trump

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A message from President Trump.

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Mark Dice says:

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6doublefive3two1 says:

What a great Man.

Ronald Pegues says:

Meanwhile: Owned Humans, Raped Humans, Stole From Humans, Never paid them back, Nowadays we call em Criminals and Thugs above the law
What Law?

lazerusmfh says:

ow my left ear!

MyBlessed FamilyHome says:

God I LOVE this man. thank you Lord JESUS thank you God

ladylestranj says:

Anyone else not getting sound? It's been happening alot lately.

T. M says:

CNN belongs on MTV.

Zero G says:

You claim to be a child of God but secretly act upon intentions as a spawn of the Devil

Matthew Taylor says:

my left ear loved this.

Chewybrand says:

CNN smear campaign coming soon!

Donna R. Clark says:

he still is a puppet, you know? let's just let him shake up dc and expose some corrupt politicians. i hope it pulls it strong for two full terms!!!!

Kenneth Harper says:

Mr. Dice. Thank you for posting this speech from the President. I like the fact that he at least tries to keep us posted on whats going on. Moee than our so called other presidents ever did.

Pure wild Spirit says:

Why does it say you have 1 million subscribers? You had more are they not letting the real number get out?

Olivia Branch says:

Notice the blue tie? After schmoozing with Pelosi and Schumer, no less. No wall and no promises kept.

Vincent says:

Tfw he skips Georgia

Joseph Holder says:


Mike Smith says:

Wow jake paul has way more subscribers then mark dice

David Brainerd says:

Put Constitution Day on a weekday and give us the day off! We need more holidays!

Sparky Nate says:

how beautiful! But I can already see the leftist who will lose their mind because Trump said one nation under God and pledge of allegiance to our flag and how those say that not everyone in the nation believes in God and not everyone pledges allegiance to the flag. It's ridiculous we finally have a president who truly loves his country and the left is losing their mind because he expresses that love for this country! It's disgusting what the left is trying to do to this great nation.

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