BREAKING: Former CIA Chief Makes Shock Announcement, Millions Are Stunned | Top Stories Today

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Top Stories Today –
BREAKING: Former CIA Chief Makes Shock Announcement, Millions Are Stunned | Top Stories Today

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BREAKING: Former CIA Chief Makes Shock Announcement, Millions Are Stunned | Top Stories Today:

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BREAKING: Former CIA Chief Makes Shock Announcement, Millions Are Stunned | Top Stories Today:

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Top Stories Today says:

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JG Harts says:

Alright Morell.

scott clark says:

He should be cia head man of integrity

scott clark says:


A B says:

I don't trust anyone from the CIA but no time for trannies

magdalena gonzaga says:

A Man of Intehrity
Hope we have more of his kind.

Kathie Logan says:

Obama is a fraud and african-born Islamic terrorist he has no right to Pardon anyone these should all be recalled and cancel his legacy!

Kathie Logan says:

Arrest her Chelsea Manning is a criminal

Big Red says:

Morell, like most CIA operatives is a war criminal. Chelsea Manning on the other hand, simply told the world about Amercas dirty secrets. I am glad he resigned, good riddance.

Dawn Markey says:

I feel as though he acted as an honorable American, as opposed to our former president who pardoned that despicable idiot.

ZoTv says:

He did not say a peep about Hillary getting off by using her private server as a "drop box" in order to sell off the country in exchange for money being put into the Clinton Foundation. Morrell is a globalist war monger hell bent on starting wars all across the globe.



Ken Robison says:

Everything Obama touched was illegal should make Obama finish out Manning sentence or better yet put them both in the same cell.

Ernest Hendrickson says:

Hang that bitch!!!

Truth Hurts says:

Please STOP calling them trans gender. They are nothing but Queers like Barack Obama.

CSAcitizen Feather says:

Manning did NOT reveal anything top secret. She made it known how we people were being spied on and we had the right to know that ! She did a service to us !
Manning is innocent ! A hero !

Revealing crimes is not Treason – it's being a hero and standing up for the right thing.
The govt cannot be protected for their crimes against the people !

Robert Hill says:

"his"! not "her". by playing that game, you are denying biology. manning is a guy and always will be. why do people keep thinking that feelings are more important than facts?

Rosie Brind'amour says:

ExCia Chief: That ship has sailed. There is no moral compass anymore, especially when Obama, Hillary and minions have broken the law in every which way possible and they're getting away with it.
So…bitch, please!

Silverback says:

I didn't here one word about the crook Hillary breaking the law, so why the double standard?

Commanchee Commiendo says:

Bradley manning was raped numbers of time by the establishment as result his sexuality changed…… !!!!!!!!!

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