Lawrence Jones Explains The Behavior Of The Leftist Ran Cities And The Animals That Live There

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Lawrence Jones Explains The Behavior Of The Leftist Ran Cities And The Animals That Live There . 9 / 16 / 2017


Alex Chappy says:

There's must be a law where rioting is not allow d and the military will be deploy and it will be use the necessary force to disappear the riot. The arrests will must received harsh sanctions, like 5-10 yrs and believe they'll stop

Stranded in Utah says:

I don't understand why black people rally around drug dealers. Drugs have been a scourge for black communities across the US. I support the legalization of weed but hard drugs destroy families, neighborhoods, and cities.

Mystic Madman says:

None of the cops had nightsticks, unfortunately.

John Cool says:

october 1 is welfare day…..thank you mr trump…you are the greatest president.

John Cool says:

how can a white person back up black lives matter….blacks are the biggest racist cowards on earth….i cant wait for welfare cuts leading to martial law.

James Murphy says:

Where's antifa when you need them? Oh wait these apes will just burn and pillage there own community with no masks.

Lothar Zogg says:

Leftist rUn cities, moron.


Why burn the flag. You don't like America. LEAVE.


When as a deverse White nation do we take control back. 55% to 60% White. The nation was really built after we abolished slavery. Fucking Africa and Saudi Arabia still have slavery and you wanna be known as African American fuck you go to Africa. I want all religions and creeds to become Americans not something else Americans. Assimilate of fuck of welfare kings and queens.

Dontlie Tome says:

Another Dindu Nuffin, dies, ensue the unjustified outrage by the same thugs to stupid to care about the truth…followed by the lawsuits without grounds.

James Simmons says:

They are not going to say how they cleaned up in the morning.

Donney adams says:

More arrests needed!

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