Paul Joseph Watson – Terrorist Attacks, Twitter Cops and Liberal Madness

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deusanti mannheim says:

I really like Info War but I think it is time Alex Jones step up and start managing and get off the mic. People like Paul Watson maybe some new faces like maybe Candace Owens to take over the mainstream. I generally think that younger people will have a greater impact on information. I also have to note that Alex has a lot of baggage because he had to fight too long in the trenches. Promote him to, more of a summary of news and let the younger newer people without all the scars of battle to do daily stuff. I am not criticizing Alex. He was awesome but when I introduce Info Wars, there some history that keeps popping up. I really want Info Wars to succeed so we have actual real news. Just like you preach honesty, here I am giving you my honest opinion without malice or negative intent.

Sarah Cooksley says:

Do you seriously believe this WASN'T a false flag? Fireball that doesn't melt a white plastic bucket and Lidl shopping bag??! Stop playing into this narrative.

Aaron Blake says:

This great country is fuckin ruined !!! They know exactly what the fuck is going on .. crazy … we've become weak and pathetic ! We used to be better than this .. blood on their hands .. may , sadiq Kahn .. the left lunatics.. blood on their hands

John Sinclair says:

Fuck yeah.
All celebrities and progressives are racist islamophibic fascist cunts if they don't clit cut and house mohammadans in their palatial private estates

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