US mulls military option over North Korea

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The international community is split on how to deal with growing tensions over North Korea.
Pyongyang has vowed to achieve an equilibrium of force with Washington, and continues to launch nuclear tests despite sanctions.
Meanwhile the US is exploring several options to the crisis, including a military solution.

Al Jazeera’s Mike Hanna reports from Washington, DC.

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North corea has the same right to build nuclear weapon the say USA and Russia and many other countries do.
North korea just represent a risk in the case if some country else challenge or attack them to war,unlike nothing will happen.
North korea dictator aren't fool he knows the power a he has on his control: the bomds,missile,etc. I do not think he mulls using this dead weapons against any country,instead he wants gain ground and became a international celebreties like Putin, and very trump.

Sameer Sheikh says:

Trump only tounge firing man its not any base of Action

Stephen Bachman says:

This is just a kindness to the world to say.
"You guys had your chance to find another way, now we do it our way; an if China or Russia attack the Allies we will F you up as well"

In other words. We aren't mulling anything.

HemiHead664 says:

Donny, take control of our flying saucers and use their ray-guns to take out all of NK missiles.

Faraz Khalid says:

Let's just hope North Korea gets atleast one nuclear tipped missile to hit US mainland…

ASS kicker says:

Pakistan is the main tech producer for north Korea Pakistan is the main reason for kims nuclear tests

Risbo Lensky says:

All talk and no play…..

Brian Duval says:

Go get them tigger for our troops are willing for the freedom that we pave so the world we see can still have freedoms for the swap is evil but God has a plan and awesome is it and the people that say I will die to keep freedoms for people and love less my life but them more for yes at times thy have died for nonsense but today thy go against the machine of Satan witch is the god of this world but God owns it today but the cross and soon he comes defacto and will put all evil to a stop to a end for America has done many evils and God uses America for a purpose and we shall win in the end and it shall be a great drama but look what he went threw on the cross for us and wavered not and did it perfectly for us and said following me and he did not weaken as some think but rather quited scripture as he hung for us and spoken of past to present to say to you it is finished so fear not but trusting in God for man will not help you nor save you and what you see today is action and this short time hear on earth is coming to be a long home life that a lot no not of and must go down for the new coming of heaven and the evil to be done away with forever more amen.for i perceive the evil spirits see it coming for them shortly and there not happy for there time is at hand the very thing that is against you that you cannot see but feel it's evil presents like a dark felling of fear and death it is him but I read the end of the book Satan looses and we win internal and for eternity so as the report in the book that thy said there are giants over there and we are like grasshoppers compared to them and what did God Say?hmmm go Trump handle the working for thy will not stop tell you put the sword to them for war is all thy know and lest you let them take you first.put away the bleeding hearts the weak people for thy will ship wreck America but build on strong people for the battlefield and fight or be run over and God bless the men and women that do the lords will in in times to bring about Gods plan on earth amen.

The Judge says:

US never go war alone always need allies hahahahahaha

Dixie May says:

Sanctions, and talk only. There will be no true action.

Mena Bartley says:

They got no more leverage.

Nantz Stein says:

Save the Rohingya instead. Show us you are true heros

Abdillahihagar Hagar says:

US must think twice coz North koria is not that easy!

Stormshell Entertainment says:

Thank God for trump.
May the pork be with us.

Not a Gandhi says:

We are bored. Come on Trump and Kim give us a war.

Cheryl Mason says:

And don't the warmongers love the military option.

Food life of a professional الحياة الغذاء المهنية says:

Another demon will kill people for no reason

Michschnei says:

Blah blah blah blah

al raj says:

Money is not everything

al raj says:

Money is not everything

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