Wait Until You See The Latest CNN D Rated Celeb Wishing The President Dead

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Wait Until You See The Latest CNN D Rated Celeb Wishing The President Dead


Terry Moore says:

Just arrest them and this will stop…more people threatened Obama than any president ever, they were shut up !

Neto Flores says:

A "chef" with a show on cnn instead of the food network? Cooking must be horrible. Plus i like seeing juan struggle to legitimize whatever idiotic thing any leftie or trendy says.

Aunt Geek says:

Please, talk about something that fucking matters. Like the Pakistani Awan family who ran IT Support for House Democrats, now indicted and under investigation for theft of Congressional devices and loading terabytes of info onto a private server. What is it with Democrats and their servers?

u2mister1 says:

The AntiCoIntelPro Show- I appreciate your work. Keep it coming.

Donald Powers says:

people will hate are likened UNTO MURDERER so what's the deal GOD already said they are likened UNTO MURDERER ain't a big leap….

PPaco N. Martinez-Garoutte says:

welcome back Kimberly "LOVE-LEGS" Guillfoye !!

Derek a man, with the given name Johannessen says:

fellow Jz critiques a tribal member, does thou protestes in vain and cover? Notice how fox never fires the Jz hosts? wonder why

Paul Schmich says:

I've decided I will definitely vote for trump in 2020 I didn't vote at all before this but all the hate makes me like him more

Nichole Cervin says:

Lock him up!

Beavis Jones says:

How long is it going to be fashionable to bash trump for no reason ?

pjbikerful says:

far leftism is a Mental Disorder

Ralph McMahan says:

Okay to say you want the President dead. Gets you praise from Libs.
Not okay to put a bounty on a strand of Hillary's hair. Gets you jail time.
I'd say both are wrong, but that's just me.

Bruce Avramis says:

Bourdain? Who gives a bit what that pompous ass has to say?

WakeTheFuckUp says:

But Martin Shkreli is serving jail time for suggesting he would pay $5,000.00 for a lock of Killary's hair!

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