Wings by Little Mix – Even Better Than the Real Thing – BBC One

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Programme website: Little Fix sing Wings by Little Mix. Even Better Than the Real Thing featuring some of the world’s greatest Tribute acts, hosted by Paddy McGuinness.


Leo Lee says:

Love their boots!

Laland Power says:

Little Mix sweeties i'm so sorry

Marisol López says:

Pense que eran las verdaderas Little Mix :v

Ser Arthur Dayne says:

But better looking than the real mix

فريدة حسين says:

shaw some respect to our queens that was awful

Nellie Zargham says:

They are screaming the lyrics

bea rockerpunk says:

For me is good enough ..little mix is a group ..not so good so

Fatima Hjb says:

Can they stop , can i report this shit

Fatima Hjb says:

No one can do them songs better only little mix

Ruxy Ceausu says:

It is like a karaoke night. They don t sing with the same passion Little Mix have. I don t like them

Esteban E says:

Wtf, respect the Queens.

hibaq rl says:

This is shit. I'll take the original little mix thanks.

José Vargues says:

Beautiful spectáculo.

Trappist One says:

Why BBC is broadcasting the clip from X Factor season 2 again?

Jenita Douwes says:


Sude Y says:

No little mix is a number 1

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