ABC News’ Martha Raddatz On Trump’s Foreign Relations, North Korea Tensions & More | The View

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briannxx says:

Bush and Obama got us hear you ignorant twats

Trump Won says:

Whoopi Goldberg looks like a hideous baboon or the Predator from the Predator movie. Honestly I could not watch this show because of her she is absolutely hideous Beast like a gorilla

gizdonk says:

He always blamed Obama and Clinton and not China. Dislike.

Christy Krohne says:

This woman is WAY TOO MUCH DIPLOMATIC for my liking. Trump is an idiot,period!

The Chosen-one says:

asking a white woman who probably voted for trump the WOMAN OBJECTIFY in CHIEF,…IS STUPID,…she part of the problem.

jerzeydolphins says:

this is the only talk show where it looks like all the host have been beaten with a ugly stick multiple times over !

Down Under Books says:

Im in Australia. ..we are all thinking WTF…???

CharlizeQ says:

XD "Its my sister its my mother! and my sister!" I LOVE YOU JOY hahaha

thewonderer says:

does the military industry pays for these fake tears?
I bet the do.

Monse Mares Tapia says:

Megan looks so uncomfortable

Edward Wallace says:

See if this video sounds like VA, all these stories, and Charlottesville. This need to end.
Cultural Marxism, The rise of the Radical Left.

Layla Hassan says:

I'm more worried about America's nuclear weapons destroying the world than I am about N. Korea.

James Sacchetti says:

When you call bunch of people sitting around a table especially when it's the view a wind tunnel cuz none of these b**** have any idea what the f*** are you talking about

Mark Oliver says:


crosseyedbandit says:

Hail trump! Get back to the kitchen ladies!

kjv patriot says:

She cries when speak about trump

Eli says:

She is really insightful! Enjoyed this

Rj Jackson says:

Why do Megan McCain roll her eyes went someone talk about trump's and she do like what he or she say anything bad about trump's

Ryan Schooler says:

Martha Raddatz has ZERO creditability … ABC "news" is garbage.

jorge gutierrez says:

This lady cry when Hillary lost. So she lost all credibility.

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