ALERT: GOP Congressman Drops Charlottesville Bombshell | Top Stories Today

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Top Stories Today –
ALERT: GOP Congressman Drops Charlottesville Bombshell | Top Stories Today

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ALERT: GOP Congressman Drops Charlottesville Bombshell | Top Stories Today:

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ALERT: GOP Congressman Drops Charlottesville Bombshell | Top Stories Today:

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Top Stories Today says:

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John Lenhart says:

Who will investigate you think the Republican Congress can manage to get the investigator to be George Soros Paul Ryan John McCain Hillary Clinton herself

songczar says:

Soros-Ryan & Soros-McCain are the two most CORRUPT members of congress.

imnotabotrlyimnot says:

McCain and Ryan were paid by hillary/dnc to sabotage Trump. Screw them losers.

classictutor says:

Where are you Paul Ryan? Deep State operatives, you know the State Dept and CIA sewer creatures, and Democrats just last month tried to assassinate Republicans who support President Trump. You, traitor like them? Or you gonna have some backbone and fight back? Remember, Hillary's slush money comes with death sting. If you go over to the dark side, you will not survive this decade.

P.J. Bates says:

I don't know if we'll ever get to the bottom of all this insanity; but this country is ripping itself apart; and who wins? Only those who hate it.

her she says:

these comments are ignorant

Cher K says:

There are questions about if it is actually the car the kid owns and if he was actually the driver.. The kids registration has moon roofs on it there are none seen on the one that killed the protester. The driver photos look like a different man. How many kids can drive that fast backwards? Some thing it was a paid actor (stuntman) The damage is showed on 2 different sides of the car hanging. Something to think about!

Tom Jones says:

Paul Ryan is nothing more that an American hating traitor. How else can you explain a stupid looking politician that looks exactly like the identical twin of Mr. Bean? That douche-bag high forehead Terry McAuliffe has his nose buried so far up Hildabeast Clinton's ass if she were to fart she'd blow his worthless brains out.

Barbara Hinote says:

They both should be investigated along with the supposed white supremist. They all 3 are guilty of creating a situation where violence was bound to happen.

Judith Rhice says:

This is so not true. They tried to stop it but the Judge overturned them. The Judge is the blame but no one is talking about him

William Ramsburg says:


Ken Rasmusson says:

All 4 groups on both sides are hate groups! DNC is responsible for the death and injuries that occured!

Dawn Hope says:

Hell yes, and the Democrats need to Stop using us Damn it as pawns, in the voting ID game. They know damn well they don't give a damn about Blacks voting rights. I want a mandatory voter ID across American. Screw the NAACP, SPLC, BLM and anybody else who want to use us for their own damn benefits. Why can't there be a voter ID LAW? Why?

Drayson Roberts says:

Yes, they should investigate Charloltesville's politicians but also George Soros for paying people to protest the right on behalf of the greedy globalist Jews that Soros represent.

James Gilliam says:

While their investigating look at all of it and the economy of the blacks that live in Virginia, and the Judges, and the tricks they play to deny veterans, disable people all types of benefits that they should be receiving that don't Too much lieing and stealing from the people who have already work hard for it.

robert heartland says:

i thought this was precisely the two idiots who should be prosecuted by the DOJ! it is about time our elected leaders called for this! Somebody who didn't need to die , died! This is no laughing matter and the news media should not spin this nor forget this. There should be a full scale investigation of this matter . if not then what does this say about our news media?

teutonic knight says:

Loui is right and I will be emailing him this evening….with the stuff this report left off…..

Trevor Marr says:

Without our past, we do not know where we are going!!! Save the Statues!!! Save America!!! Respect America!!!

RedMangon says:

This channel is just more of Bannon's robot voiced propaganda!

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