America’s Newsroom 11/9/17 | Fox News Today November 9, 2017

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America’s Newsroom 11/9/17 | Fox News Today November 9, 2017
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Peter Spiderman says:

Democrats can sell uranium to Russia no problem.
But Trump cannot meet n talk to Russia….taboo…

Richard Nicholls says:

Well Hannity it has been 22 days and 14 shows so far and you keep pushing the Uranium1story with no results yet. You have demanded  MUELLER step down ROSENSTEIN step down McCabe step down  SESSIONS step down HILLARY to be charged COMEY to be charged HOLDER to be charged. So far you are 0/7 results are not very good. The world knows what you are saying is twisting the facts to push a non-story to shut down the Mueller investigation because we all know Trump`s in big trouble and you and Fox News are just trying to save his butt

Dead Dude says:

Wikileaks just told the truth. Don’t blame the messenger.

JohnnyA says:

Video shows Trump walking 1/2 to 1 full step ahead of China's president. Sign of leadership.

John Thomas says:

Bernie got a $5 million dollar house

Cassandra Todd Carraway says:

What's With the Purple Tie John? HRC wore Purple on Election night to show support for Soros. PURPLE Agenda
There are NO Coincidences John or is there?

Neil Robert says:

Crazy is good and stupid Democrats if Clinton would have won we will be communist America based on China

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