Bill O’Reilly and Mark Dice Discuss the Growing Fake News Problem in America

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Dong Wang Kong says:

FOX in Gematria is 666 and hell he threw them out 666

Dong Wang Kong says:

I like mark show but sadly he is a Operative NWO/

Maria Leroux says:

Mark Dice, a false patriot. I support him for 1 years at the beginning. I join his website for some months and the day I begin to denounce Alex Jones, he flush me without any regard.

Lasna34 says:

Why was Mark Dice never invited to the Oreily Factor? Haha. Not a Dice fan. You could tell he was nervous and trying to use big words.

MrCantstandliberals says:

Mark dice is a good man

Lisa Waters says:

Are you people serious!?! Mark Dice is nothing like RP. Nothing about them looks the same. If you guys are being funny, it just makes you look stupid. Move on to something real.

Jesse Spots says:

Ooooooooh, O'Reilly's disdain for River is so cringeworthy. hahahahahaha

Slickat 503 says:

I'm a little surprised Mark didn't mention Info Wars

123 999 says:

Bill O and Mark Dice…two patriots!!!

Rich Brown says:

Great job Mark.

John Phillip II says:

The two shill faggots together. I thought I'd never see the day. The Hegelian dialectic trying to suck in as many truthers as possible to associate us with the alt right. Kill yourselves you useless cult members.

Issac Kaiser says:

Nice work River.

Lleo Oneiro Ph.q says:

Fuck drudge


Reuploading and mirroring, because 10 years ago. We would have never seen this one coming! Sean Hannity and O'Reilly moving in on that Red Pill! Mark Dice as John Connor use to prank call them both!

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