Black Social Justice Warrior Busted Faking Hate Crime (Again)

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A black social justice warrior’s huge hoax falls apart and is just another in a huge list of the same kind. Order my new book, The True Story of Fake News, from Amazon here: or download the e-book from Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, or Nook.

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Mark Dice says:

Order my new book, THE TRUE STORY OF FAKE NEWS, on Amazon here: or download the e-book from Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, or Nook. On Monday it made it to number 15 on Amazon's best seller list!!! Let's get it to the top! Let me know what you think! After you read it, please rate and review the book ASAP because the trolls are going to hit it with one star reviews as they do with all my books even though they never buy them. Unfortunately Amazon allows people to review books that they haven’t even bought or read! Christmas is coming soon, and what better way to help wake someone up than giving them this book!!

Shawn GBerry says:

Most people I know don't have time to be racist we're to busy trying to eat. Let that shit die please

notablogger says:

Do you have ANY evidence to support your claim that Jews have faked hate crimes?

MaryMaryQuiteContrary says:

Well…. Bobby Flay, who made his fame cooking Mexican food, better watch his back… His cushy Food Channel job might be in jeopardy… Couldn't happen to a nicer guy

TheDrunkenDwarf says:

"he wasn't charged with faking a hate crime because he was black and he dindu nuffin" god i love you mark dice

Mud Rabbit says:

I see he only got it on the glass, easy to remove. If it were real, it'd be ALL over the body of the car.

Nicholas DiMauro says:

Do you sell those goofy glasses you wear. I would love to wear them when talking to libtards

robert ingram says:

Thank u mark. This world is crazy.

James Johansson says:

He should be charged! This man is a problem to society. He will stop at nothing. He needs to be monitored.

Jerry Vance says:

how is it not in the interest of the community to charge this racist black? These hoax crimes are causing massive protests and racial divide. if you nail this son of a bitch to the wall and set an example, this bullshit will stop

raynebc says:

If they held him accountable, there probably would have been a violent riot. That's why the cops would have to sweep this under the rug.

Kevin Heine says:

Really, an act of obvious fraud draws exactly zero criminal charges? I am very disappointed, but not particularly surprised.

Carlos Phillips says:

Can't we all just get along

GoPro Dog says:

What if I paint "go home, nigger" on my own car? First thing Monday, I will try that. With phosphorous paint too so that it glows at night. WTF, Mark Dice said "jews" for the first time, shocking.

theflanman86 says:

Minorities are appropriating European white's culture everyday they exist in a functioning society…feel free to return to post-apartheid Africa where currencies have lost 99% of their value and chaos and poverty are the soundtrack of blacks ruling over blacks.

Hiking OR says:

Another hoax crime attempting to make white people look bad. He should have been charged.

Nickat Nite says:

Its funny how someone vandalizing would be ever so careful as to not even get the yellow paint crap all over…except on the back window.

Costitutionalist AntiPelosi says:

if the left would like like to modify the 2nd , then let the right modify the 1st with regards to the media.

Michael Lundy says:

does this mean I can't enjoy soul food anymore just became I'm white? Damn, can't wait to get arrested for this!

notablogger says:

Do you have any evidence to support your claim that Jews have faked a hate crime?

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