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Sub for more: | James McAuley for the Washington post reports Scottish leaders who overwhelmingly supported Britain’s membership in the European Union warned Friday of possible renewed bids for independence after British voters turned their backs on the 28-nation bloc. Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party, said a second referendum on Scotland’s membership in the United Kingdom was a possibility in the immediate future.

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Clarissa McPigeon says:

I'm Scottish. You have more chance of buying whisky in Saudi Arabia than Sturgeon does of getting this referendum. We have had enough and even as many as 400k of her own supporters voted to leave the EU.

She is self serving and her policies go directly against what her own supporters want, never mind what's good for Scotland. 2020 and 2021 will see the SNP wiped out for good.

Ethan Raybould says:

Am sick of hearing this shit England just needs to boot the Scots out of the UK and be done with it.And can anybody tell me is Nicola sturgeon a Man or a Women or is she just a he/she because she's one ugly looking fucker and can someone please help her to walk properly in them high heil shoes because she looks pissed when she walks lol.Good luck Scotland because you poor people will need it if you get your freedom from the UK because the EU will rape your wee country a lot harder than England ever has that's if your manage to get back in the EU so either way your fucked anyway

Calach says:

It wasn't 'Overwhelming' at all ! its 60% of a 70% turnout.

Anglo Saxon says:

Give England the vote….you will get you independence then and FULL independence with borders up, NO £Sterling, NO representation in Westminster, NO taxes from England. I wellcome it! Germany can then bail out scotland after a year or two! lol

Cream The Everything Fixer says:

Scotland is forgetting the biggest problem for uk Independence. Does the EU want them?

MysticBleu 2 says:

I will bet Scotland wont get another chance to vote on independence. She will delay until the EU forces Britian back under its dominance. But I hope not. The fight between Britian and EU will have negative long term consequences and economic punishment. Like Greece. Besides, shes one of those globalist NWO non-humans without a soul. Shes one of THEM.

Oliver C says:

Scotland voted for EU because 90 percent of all EU immigration came to England and wales . The most effected areas are England and Wales. The least affected areas Northren Ireland and Scotland. If scotland will be allowed to stay in the EU after Brexit is agreed; Will scotland be able to cope with the tidle wave redirected toward them?? It will only be a matter of time when Scotes will begun to grumble because you are looking at least and least one million a year. This would also means you will have to pay benefites for them too. Last year alone England and wales recieved more than a million of EU and others immigrants and they all went on benefits. Just for the new comers last year only it came to around as much as 400 million pound a week in benefits….Let us see if scotes will say Amen to EU when the tidel wave is redirected towrad them?? For now they have avoided the tidel wave like northern Ireland such will not be case in the future if they remain in EU while England and wales will be outside possibily Northern Ireland may also stay outside. The reason the rest of England and wales voted to LEAVE EU is because they saw what happened to London. Just in 20 years after the single currency and open borders English became minorities in their own capital and London became a EU superstate supporter  on permanent bases, which was planned like that on purpose and that is the plane for the whole land and for the whole of EU. But by some God mercy the rest of England escaped it. NOW if scotland fall into this  trap it will also be replaced by others like London and will be a permanent EU place but scotes will became minorities in their own land just like English became minority in their own capital London. So far scotes are alseep because they have not seen what happened to London and why the rest of England and wales voted against EU. People say I do not believe it we say when you get there you will be it like we warned people in UK 20 years ago and it came to pass in London already.

Charity FC says:

just for the record I dont want them to leave but every one should get the vote like us free from eu

Charity FC says:

just for the record I dont want them to leave but every one should get the vote like us free from eu

Charity FC says:

let them have the freedom no pound and no more funds

Musical Goddess says:

For fuck sake not another referendum!

sushant datar says:

I am from India.I am a Mba student.I am in a grp in which we have to make a play on BREXIT and i got the part of Scotland. So plz anyone suggest some line or something to speak as a scotish.And i have to speak in 2-3 min.

Caitlyn Canavan says:

If Scotland would have left in 2014, wouldn't they have been out of the EU?

Teri Hart says:

Scots have been extinct since William Wallace, when another Scot turned him in to the English to be executed. Scots have no sense of nationalism. Just a bunch of money grubbing EU kiss ass social justice warrior shills for the Jewish cartel that is working towards White genocide. Once again they have an opportunity for sovereignty, and again they throw it away. Pathetic.

1877canzona1933 says:

I hope that the Scots (and the people of Northern Ireland who also want to remain in) fully realise that an EU without the 54 million population of England paying heavily for its membership, leaves the over-inflated EU dictatorship with a massive shortfall in its funding. And as most people are aware, the bureaucrats of Brussels love spending your taxes as they dream up ever more methods to punish you simply because you exist. After all, the lavish lifestyle of these parasites in Brussels must be maintained.

Graham Taylor says:

After this victory for common sense, Nick hasn't a Clegg to stand on !

Graham Taylor says:

The globalists are trying to sabotage the Brexit vote. Just like they did with Ireland and the Lisbon Treaty referendum there. The Irish first voted "No", then the EU bureaucrats refused to accept the result, and forced a second referendum, which then got up. Is there any doubt that the EU is an anti-democratic organisation ? They just keep rejecting the result they don't like, until they get the one they do.

I bought a ticket for the EuroMillions lottery but wasn't successful.
I'm now demanding they make the draw over and over again until I win.

Helen Geddes says:

Go cousins! I hope you and the USA, Inc. can get off the couch to make this right! We need to end tyranny worldwide-aren't you sick of the seedy unregulated elite get to rape you, your children and the planet at the cost every life form so they can of line their pockets while distracting and disgracing every other life form from their sovereignty of Freewill

Patricia Brooks says:

As an English person I like many are totally fed up with this woman and her agenda. The agenda she is pushing does not make sense at all and it is unlikely Scotland would vote for independence now even less support than when oil was high. Their economy would not be sustainable without the uk and oil in their back yard.
What sense would it make to vote for independence and then give it away by rejoining the EU. She is a nut job.

Soggy B says:

They better stay with Britain or in a few years go down in flames with the rest that stay in the EU.

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