CBC News Network: Police officer shot to death in Abbotsford, B.C.

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A police officer is dead after a shooting in Abbotsford, B.C., around noon PT on Monday.

Police Chief Bob Rich described the officer as a “hero” at a news conference.

“He was protecting our community. He will always be my hero,” Rich said.

The officer was killed while trying to arrest a suspect who had allegedly opened fire in the parking lot of a shopping centre in the 3200 block of Mt. Lehman Road just before noon, according to Rich.


Ja Ja says:

Go after those responsible for a mental patient loose on the streets, the judges, lawyers, politicians, doctors, etc etc. THEY are responsible for this killing, not some sicko who should be in a facility being treated. but nooooooo they can't afford that.

Stop Pmpingrcmp says:

Good he deserved it.. Keep arresting people based on what one person aledges someone said, but didnt.. keep making people responsible for what another says, that he/she didnt say.. More canadian police officers dead the better.. stop victimizing and you will have support.. The guy wasnt going for innocent people he was targeting police officers.. what a bunch of dummies.. YAAA A DEAD VICTIMIZER IS DEAD.. TIME TO CELEBRATE

rip lemmy says:

Ex policeman from my local police station in byker , Clifford street , Newcastle England..so sad to hear a fellow Scottish, Geordie has passed doing his his duty to protect and serve the people of Canada. Rest in peace , pc.davidson.

RIP RobertDziekanski says:

so long, pig

pig, pig, pig, pig, pig, pig, pig, pig, pig, pig, pig

Canadian BC says:

Rest in peace you good man

Canadian BC says:

We love our police officers in BC and Canada. So Fu#k you Black lives matter idiots

jay Roberge says:

Why do we let these Alberta killers into BC,,,, we need a vetting system

bob mccutcheon says:

What restraint these officers showed in not putting this rabid dog down after witnessing a fellow colleague murdered in front of them.Rest in peace you brave man my sympathies are with of of those you touched and to your family who must be so proud of you.

Howdo Youdo says:

Still not naming the guy? Pathetic

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