Fox & Friends 11/8/17 | Fox News Today November 8, 2017

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Fox & Friends 11/8/17 | Fox News Today November 8, 2017
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forever says:

He laughs about robbing the poor now. Just wait til the ship hits the fan.

Angela Clark-Westoven says:

What an effing joke. Impeach this nut now. While every REAL news outlets talk about Republicans losing BIGGLY yesterday, Fox spew BS. LMAO.

kinky BINKS says:

America get out of the U.N. A.S.A.P

Richard Nicholls says:

Well Hannity it has been 21 days and 13 shows so far and you keep pushing the Uranium1story with no results yet. You have demanded  MUELLER step down ROSENSTEIN step down McCabe step down  SESSIONS step down HILLARY to be charged COMEY to be charged HOLDER to be charged. So far you are 0/7 results are not very good. The world knows what you are saying is twisting the facts to push a non-story to shut down the Mueller investigation because we all know Trump`s in big trouble and you and Fox News are just trying to save his butt

copycoonie says:

I do not support the Democratic Party over all …but I do like the outcome of Election Night across the board . It's a repudiation of Trump pure and simple . The Democratic Establishment ..Leadership …Pundits and Operatives of both are still completely Corrupt and need to go . I voted Trump because i knew he would greatly damage the GOP . I am non affiliated and simply want both Parties destroyed as much as possible so a real populist 3rd Party can emerge.

Sally Beatty says:

weakness breeds evil if there was no other proof of this than the last 8 years wake up America we need to be tough we've always been tough that's why we're strong or strong nation and people want to come here they don't strive to leave oh you know the libtards threaten to leave yet they never do you know why cuz they realize this is the best place to be as well

Sally Beatty says:

thank God we now have a leader instead of a follower of Chaos

Stevi Michael says:

Fabulous speech..walks like he talks..a President with guts and proud..

Chuck Kady says:

We have a real leader, We stand by our man. He's a winner and wants winners around him. The bennifit? A greatewr America!

DewkChronic says:

VA's candidate who made some MS13 comments and was called racist for it. Next day 3 teenage boys are slaughtered by the Gang.

Erron777 says:

The democRATs are the ones dividing our country.

Tim Duvall says:

Prayers are lifting the veil,and look at the satanic left politicians nashin and grinding their own flesh in public view,i rebuke the evil ones and pray Jesus drops the hammer of God down on their lives

Dianne Lindsey says:

all of Vurginua was red except a few pkaces. We beed to check the viotes.

dj johnson says:

Hilary funded Mandalay bay Vegas shooting that casino Muslim owned

dj johnson says:

Maybe Hilary blew up his plane she blew up jfk jr

Christophe Blanchi says:

Fine give us your "Thoughts and Prayers" but do not use this as an excuse for doing nothing. Do something, anything! The GOP has done nothing since Reagan passed the assault weapons ban. Prayer are not preventing shootings.. are they? Fox News just wants this to make an issue of this to make talking points quota on Atheists are evil. What are they? the CBC now?

dj johnson says:

Ga should fire that teacher

dj johnson says:

Those 2 state can houz antifa too

Christophe Blanchi says:

Trump admitted that extreme vetting does not work. Trump would not be able to know that this guy has a problem.

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