Happening Now 11/10/17 | Fox News Today November 10, 2017

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Happening Now 11/10/17 | Fox News Today November 10, 2017
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lorie rassouli says:

Reduce the corporate tax, it will create more jobs and lower unemployment. Plus stop all the free programs that don't want to work.

lorie rassouli says:

middle-class single so tired of paying high, high taxes California

debra sanner says:

Who's getting polled,not me!!

debra sanner says:

Love President Trump!!!!!!!

America you got Mail with James Aikman TRUTH SEEKER says:


El Barto says:

Tax cuts mean NOTHING if they remove the cuts for households!!

Jared C says:

Look at Tridaus fag ass all the way in the corner,scared of Trump & Putin lol Poor kid

Sally Beatty says:

Hollywood shouldn't have been so righteous you know telling us all had to be good people and everything careful glass houses and all

Sally Beatty says:

so I'm guessing the Hollywood douchebags probably shouldn't have been all right chest and shit you know being condescending to the American people on how we should behave comes around goes around glass houses and all

Sally Beatty says:

you know I said to my husband last year when all these drones came out anyone dares fly a drone over my yard I'm fucking shooting it down

Sally Beatty says:

you know how they got doctors on board with this anytime you walked into a main entrance of the hospital there were table set up with beautiful women all dressed to the nines with their little briefcases peddling their Wares Jesus you know I was saying I don't have to worry about the drug dealer on the corner I have to worry about the one coming through my television into the living room

Sally Beatty says:

I'm sorry pharmaceutical companies and Physicians hold the responsibility for this Addiction in the country I remember when this shit first hit the market they said this is going to be so much better than morphine it's less addictive than morphine it will be better for patients going into surgery and Pain Relief you know this is a great wonderful thing look where we are 25 years later thanks pharmaceutical companies and Dr

Sally Beatty says:

I don't know I feel bad if this happened to this girl this woman when she was 14 I really do feel bad about that the timing just seems a little nefarious to me you know all this guy's got to drop out we can't get his name off the ballot oh and then Luther strange the second runner-up he can't run either seems a little all too convenient for the Democrats

T D says:

Besides Fox, RT America News was the only station I've seen do a whole talk show ( Cross Talk ) about Debby Waserman Scholtz and the Arwan family and the DEC emails. This was quite a while ago but so far it's all I've seen.

Sally Beatty says:

you know what the house tax plan feels like let's hurry up and throw something together so we can get the hell out of here for the weekend

Cory Palmer says:

Your right about most republicans. It's women's fault for being sexual targets. Whether she's 14 or you want to grab her by the pussy the Republican party is where it's at.

Rosemarie Vennie says:

The polls are lies they're the same lying polls that said Hillary Clinton was winning why should we believe them now screw your poles

Moises says:

lets not forget, fox news is part of the mainstream media.. they are also shills

Noliarsclub says:

Do you think we would be better off not paying the millions of military and bases? Let the rich like Soros and Bush pay for them !

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