‘Iron man’ flight sets first world record – BBC News

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British inventor Richard Browning has set the first world speed record for “flying a body-controlled jet engine power suit”.

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ashutosh pandey says:

Control , body control

Ren Ai says:

Well done, Trying is not a crime …

Nufctoon112 says:

This is definitely going on my Christmas list 😉

Miele Rodriguez says:

Glad to see barmy inventors still reside in Britain. A good sign for the future.

deepu deepak says:

For sure after 20 years from now we will definitely c " IRONMAN" soldiers and costlier than F-35 s ! And more deadly!

William Arno says:

I could do with this now Need milk from shop

Capronic2 Dethroned says:

He's running of gas.. Someone can use their own fart while flying this machine


If Hitler had one of those suits he could of flown out of Berlin and landed in Argentina without even having to use a Submarine !

john smithson says:

First Iron Man?, ha ha ha h a h ah ah ah h ah hja h ahahhah ah ahahhahhahha ah ah h a ha hah a h ha ah ah ah ah ha ah a ah aha ha ah ah ah aha ha ah aha ha aha h a ah ah ah ah a h ah aha ha ha a ha a ah aha ha ah aha ha ah aha aha ah ah aha aah a a ha ah ah ha ah a ah a a ha ha a ha aha ha ha haha ha ha a aha ha ha ah aha aha ha aha ha ah ah ah ahaha ha aha ha ha aha ha!

Manoj M says:

Who else loves potato

Klegolas says:

Old news BBC.

Galan Destroyer says:

Simply amazing. Kudos to him and much success!

Cavin K says:

Britain always makes everything great

dan pedd says:

I want! I want!

TheRealHarsjan says:

call of duty seems pretty real now

Zareh Kantzabedian says:

Military will be using that in a year

Spyder says:

U know what will be on kim jong's Christmas list now, he is the rocket man after all.

neurotictingilings nahui says:

Bullshit.. There was some guy flying on top of his drone last year

vedantam वेदांतम says:


No OnE CaReS m8 says:

Wrong, CJ was the first guy who invented jetpack

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