Libtards Freaking Out on Election Anniversary 😂

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This is hilarious! Take a look at how liberals spent the 1 year anniversary of our bro winning. Order my new book, The True Story of Fake News, from Amazon here: or download the e-book from Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, or Nook.

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Mark Dice says:

Order my new book, THE TRUE STORY OF FAKE NEWS, on Amazon here: or download the e-book from Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, or Nook. On Monday it made it to number 15 on Amazon's best seller list!!! Let's get it to the top! Let me know what you think! After you read it, please rate and review the book ASAP because the trolls are going to hit it with one star reviews as they do with all my books even though they never buy them. Unfortunately Amazon allows people to review books that they haven’t even bought or read! Christmas is coming soon, and what better way to help wake someone up than giving them this book!!

fights4fight says:

Those sky screamers are still suffering from liberalism disease.

John Christensen says:


Barry Larry says:

They are all mentally ill

wrenchguy says:

She couldn't rigg, cheat, connive or lie anymore than she did… and still lost! MAGA
I love snowflake sky howling.

dixilife 70 says:

My god these people are so lost……

Krista Sears says:


Steven Costa says:

When shtf you know who will die first..

Nick Gagnon says:

Just get the hell over it already! You cant change it!

Bryan A says:

Reminds me of one of those Eastern mass exorcisms

Dark Patriot says:

Two words come to mind, rats and ship.

angela manning says:

Would you just loook'em! They desperately need a futile moment of fame. Now these congress women know better. It just goes to show you how worthless and dishonest these people really are. They have no shame. It really makes me angry that they still are allowed to even talk to the public.The liars and thieves need to leave. Anyone who would interview them has to be desperate. If you want dishonest people out, do not lend them ears. These reporters have no integrity.

mister smith says:

Libtardism is a venereal disease!

mister smith says:

Pocahontas for prison 2020

Gamergirl 汤 says:

Just like in 1984

Emmanuel T says:

Well we had a year with a great President. Thank God for Trump.

Lenz2010 says:

Happy Donald Trump Day everyone

lithgrapher says:

Cry baby cry move to France

Mrs. Pan says:

We should have had an official event: "Making fun of Liberals screaming at the sky", day.

South Efrikan says:

Thank God we did not end up with the woman who left people to die in Benghazi.

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