Louvre Abu Dhabi: Three things to know – BBC News

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The £1 billion museum, designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, officially opens up this weekend.
Artists such as Alberto Giacometti, Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso have work on display at the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

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dan radi says:

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Rohit Eligeti says:

Slaves died building this and no media coverage about it.

Clive Pilusa says:

Lourve Abu Dhabi…..come on is there anything the Islamic world can produce on its own without stealing or borrowing from other cultures?

BBCfakenews says:

Is there nothing these people cannot buy? And far more importantly, is there anything we will not sell them?

Movie critic says:

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asdfgh says:

can't wait for this desert to go back to being a desert

Najla M says:

Those who have accusations of slaver in Abu Dhabi, if they are serious they should report it to the ILO, but non did because they don’t have any, just a game of blaming and shaming, and look at me I am the representative of culture and civilization.
Well, bad news for you civilization didn’t start from the West it started exactly in the place where you accuse of being barbaric, in The Middle East.

Dr. David Prystupa says:

Give credit where credit is due. Hosting and preserving great works of art for future generations is a service to all humanity.

Phillip Leong says:

I wonder if they will display classic nude oil paintings or nude marble statues?
Or will the art museum be censored?

Aa Bb says:

What the hell was that last 10 seconds??

uflux says:

You forgot to mention the exploited foreign workers. And virtual slaves like conditions to build it.

abdi yusuf says:

accross the border in Yemen people are starving

donttouchmeim steril says:

too bad i’ll never be able to visit it considering i’m hoMoSexUaL


Sufiyan khan

James Grey says:

A multi billion dollar money laundering and arms smuggling operation with the French.

Zain Khan says:

Cancerous comments. I'm an expat who's been living in Abu dhabi for the past 4 years, get out of that rabbit hole of yours and come and explore this area, it's a true gem.

Cynical says:

Doesn't look very good.

Silk Saffron Brown Horse says:

Strange porn like music

moncef antara says:

Butt hurt people in 3…2….1..


How many human rights criminals from the tv industry were involved in making this report?

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