Never Trumper Turned Super Trumpster Destroys Fish Lips The Habitually Lying Liberal

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Never Trumper Turned Super Trumpster Destroys Fish Lips The Habitually Lying Liberal

Some Visual Images Curtesy Of Various Artist Hosted By Videvo


Todd Holladay says:

love the intro….

Dave Whalen says:

Glad she moved on.

tina A says:

I don't trust Donna! Too many red flags!

George Gissong says:

The Russians IF they interfered would have done so on HILLARY'S behalf not Trumps. Hillary as Potus would have accelerated America's downfall that Obama started. Putin would've walked all over her.

George Gissong says:

Hopkins Your the hack!

George David says:

PLEASE DITCH THE STUPID, LONG, IRRELEVANT STOCK INTRODUCTIONS! I’m way too busy to sit through your intros – especially when they have absolutely no relevance to the content line of your channel.

Kim Keeler says:

She gave the questions period…She is trying now to sell a book and clear herself. Fuck that bitch!

Joy Gallaher says:

Blue collar, lunch pail "Deplorables"

DON W says:

The collusion did happen ,on the DNC side.

Atomic Plays says:

ur intro is 38 sec long could u plz shorten it

Jackalope-eye Saddle Tramp says:

She still fights for the rights of women, you fucking dimwit.

Jackalope-eye Saddle Tramp says:

Every time I see James Rosen I think 'that's the guy Obama illegally spied on'. Poor guy.

John Ferguson says:


P Rex says:

I'll never understand why people have such a hard time admitting they're wrong.

Nix Six says:

Fish face looks like he is busted on his BS and then tries to get out of it and fails…haha

ontheGoods says:

I want to punch that little twerp right in his smug little face.. no Russia collusion.. still waiting for the proof you dilluded liberal prick.. I am so sick of these idiots.

Niki Ballou says:

head line….. Donna brazile Praises Trump… What does this do??.. It softens and aligns the independent voter towards Brazil

The Coyne Chronicles says:

The guy is intellectually dishonest.

Niki Ballou says:

okay guys… I need your feedback… You have Donna brazile who just gave the middle finger to the Democrat Party… Right? What got Trump elected? One of the factors was he was not part of the machine… In one Fell Swoop… Donna brazile has done the same thing…. Brilliant… The Brazil-Obama ticket would scare the s*** out of me.

Satya Vaswani says:

Video starts at 0:40

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